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Head Office
1801 - 1 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M5E 1W7

In Canada, there are many individuals who find themselves unable to access different credit products due to their poor credit history. Unfortunately, financial emergencies can lead to these individuals relying on high-interest credit products like payday loans without understanding the costs. As such, we strive to make financing accessible to all Canadians regardless of their credit. In addition, we provide educational resources and tools to help them make good financial decisions.


Before applying for a loan, it’s important to research your lender and see if you meet the minimum requirements. Doing so will save you from any unnecessary credit checks and potential rejections. That said, it can take a lot of time and effort to properly research every lender. With our loan comparison platform, you can compare the lender requirements and loan terms with just a few clicks. Moreover, when you apply, you only need to fill out one application to receive multiple offers from different lenders.

Educational Resources

In addition to making financing accessible to all Canadians, we also strive to educate and empower them through our blog and learning center. You can find educational material and tools on budgeting, spending, borrowing costs, debt relief, and all things related to personal finance. Our goal is to provide Canadians with the informative material that will help them make better financial decisions.

Data Privacy

In our increasingly technological world, the importance of data security is apparent. We understand this concern and have encrypted our website with SSL so that all your information is
protected. We also make it a point to only ask you for information necessary to match you with a lender that can meet your needs. Moreover, your information is never shared without your consent.


In order to provide our clients with a variety of financing options, we’ve partnered with Canada’s largest financial institutions. Our partnerships allow us to match our clients with lenders who can offer them better solutions. Additionally, we’ve built the largest lender network that Canadians can use to find financing no matter what their credit may be.