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Tracker's Pet Supply - Athabasca
Pet Supplies

Tracker's Pet Supply - Athabasca

Tracker's Pet Supply is driven by our love for our pets and a goal to be something different from other pet supply shops. You love your pets like family, treat them like family.
Tracker’s pet supply also offers Ruff play dog daycare, to enhance our care for your furry friends.

Rainy days got your dog acting a little crazy? Send them to dog daycare to burn off some energy!

Supporting Local

Tracker's Pet Supply is an independently owned and operated Pet Supply store in Athabasca, Alberta that stocks Canadian-made products. We are committed to offering great products and the service required to help pet parents.

Our Services

With a range of products from toys to treats, from food to fun, from cleaners to clothing. As well we have a huge product range of amazing (and healthy) pet treats including puppy ice cream, dog-friendly cake mixes, and delicious cookies.

We carry a large range of quality pet foods and accessories and are willing to go the extra distance to find what our customers are looking for. If we cannot find the exact product, we will make suggestions on similar, if not better, products.
Town and Country Today
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Town and Country Today

Bringing you news for the better part of a century, town and country today is an exclusively online news and information site that provides breaking news to you, our reader, as fast as you want it, wherever you are. Desktop? Mobile? Tablet? Definitely.

Supporting Local

Town and country have been serving the areas of Athabasca, Barrhead, and Westlock with quality news. In addition to hard news, we also provide information that is important to the community that you won’t find in most media.

We are independent and it shows in everything we do. And we promise that we’ll remain fiercely local. Like you.

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We like to write stories about new local businesses, highlight special events and bring you general information about anything that impacts the heart of the community such as Local News, Local Sports, Entertainment News, Alberta Agriculture, Indigenous Alberta, Local Business, and, National News. Our newspapers ensure that you are in the know of everything important to you! Subscribe to your local source for news to

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Buttons Up - Athabasca
Craft Supplies

Buttons Up - Athabasca

Crafting with your hands is a wonderful way to show off your creativity and love for the craft. Button’s Up provides all your crafting needs to take your work in progresses to finished works. Whether you’re working on a crochet scarf, or a quilted blanket, or a diamond artwork of goofy, Buttons up is here to help.

Supporting Local

We are a locally run shop that helps local crafters just like you. Button’s up brings you the best quality for your crafting projects to Athabasca and the surrounding area. Textile arts are a way to tangible bring your creativity to life.
Buttons up are providing everything you need to create something beautiful.

Our supplies

We supply Fabrics and Materials for Quilting and Sewing, Yarns for Crocheting and Knitting, and supplies for DIY projects around the house. Stocking brands like Ruby Star Society, Diamond Art, And James C Brett Yarn we ensure high quality to match your high creativity.

Not only do we supply the essentials for your project but also items to make your project easy and simple. These include products like rotating mats, sewing patterns, DIY face mask panels and so much more. Combined with your inspiration, there’s nothing out of your reach.

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