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49th Street Grill is not a franchise chain restaurant, nor does it operate like one. It’s owned by a community-oriented woman and local resident, Shauna Milner.

Shauna grew up in a small hard-working community like Athabasca and it's in that tight knit small-town environment where she grew to understand that the true secret to success, starts with a strong family value, and a never-ending work ethic, which becomes warmly evident when you walk into her restaurant where she's sure to greet you with her larger than life smile and an equally big country style "Hi, how are ya", she just makes a person feel like you're part of the family!

Shauna takes great pride and truly enjoys serving not only the residents of her local community but also those just passing through town looking for a great meal. In doing so, she has forged a rich tradition which demands that every guest be treated with the utmost respect and gracious service to ensure a spectacular overall dining experience at 49th Street Grill.

Whether you are looking for appetizers, lunch, soup, salad, pizza, pasta, souvlaki, ribs and steak dinner. 49th Street Grill’s atmosphere makes it perfect for dining with friends, family, clients, and business associates.  While we love to see you in person, we also offer take out and FREE delivery in Athabasca.

Do you have an upcoming event? Do you have dietary concerns? Looking to buy some gift certificates? Reach out, we would love to hear from you.