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BREAKING: Conservative Shannon Stubbs wins in Lakeland

Lakeland federal election coverage from Athabasca

This article will be updated periodically throughout the night.


Conservative Shannon Stubbs will once again represent the people of Lakeland in Ottawa.

Now, with 35 of 272 polls reporting in the Lakeland riding, Conservative incumbent Shannon Stubbs is maintaining her lead over her competitors with about 70 per cent of the votes counted, and has been projected to be re-elected for a third time since 2015.

PPC's Ann McCormack remains at 11 per cent, with NDP's Des Bissonnette at 10 per cent. The Liberals John Turvey is at five per cent; the Maverick Party's Fred Sirret is at three per cent; and the Green's Kira Brunner at one per cent.

According to CBC, nationally, the Liberals have 33.4 per cent of the counted vote and the Conservatives at 33.8 per cent, but the Liberals are ahead or leading in 154 ridings and the Conservatives are at 121.



CTV has now projected a Liberal minority, while CBC and Global haven't yet gone that far, but have projected a Liberal win.

With 12 of 272 polls reporting, Shannon Stubbs is ahead with 69 per cent of the vote, with the PPC's Ann McCormack in second at 11 per cent, and NDP's Des Bissonnette with 10 per cent.



Nearly an hour after polls closed throughout most of the country, including Alberta, the first results from the province are starting to come in, with polls in several Edmonton ridings now reporting — but CTV News has already projected a Liberal win.

Nothing out of the Lakeland riding yet, but Global News reports the Liberals are currently ahead or or leading in 134 ridings; the Conservatives are up in 75; the Bloc Quebecois has 28; the NDP in 18; and the Greens in one riding.



It's election night in Canada and voters in the western portion of the Lakeland riding have less than 10 minutes to cast their votes.

Conservative incumbent Shannon Stubbs, who is based in Two Hills, is being challenged by Lloydminster's Des Bissonnette of the New Democratic Party, Elk Point's Kira Brunner of the Green Party, the People's Party's Ann McCormack, Maverick Party candidate Fred Sirret of Lloydminster, and John Turvey for the Liberal Party, out of Vermilion.

Early projections from the major networks show the Liberals ahead, but down overall after polls in Atlantic Canada closed.

According to CTV News, the Liberals are currently ahead or leading in 25 ridings, while the Conservatives are ahead or leading in eight ridings.

The majority of ridings in Quebec and Ontario will also close at 7:30 p.m. MT, with a deluge of results expected to come rolling in.