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Community Guidelines

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Account Basics

Your account allows you to participate in Commenting, Classifieds, Auctions, Contests and other features in our online community.  Your account must be created using a valid email account, and only one account per person is permitted.

Your account is a privilege, not a right.  If suspects your account is fraudulent, or is being used to harass, defame, spam, or is breaking laws, or is breaking our rules, your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended.

Never forget that even behind a username and without providing any personal information, you are still NOT anonymous online. or your Internet Provider can and will be subpoenaed for your information should you be caught defaming someone or conducting illegal activities online.

Account Security

You are solely responsible for actions taken under your account, and you should not disclose your login information to anyone else.  If you suspect your account has been compromised, change your password immediately.  If you are unable to access your account, use the “Forgot Password” feature to have a reset link emailed to you.

Data Ownership

When you submit data (including writing, photography, video, etc.) to’s platform, you retain ownership of it.  By submitting this data to, however, you grant unlimited use of that data, including republishing, use in news coverage, etc.

Abuse in its sole discretion may terminate any type of submission (Comment, Classified, Auction Bid, Contest Entry, etc.) immediately and without notice if:

We have reason to believe that you have violated the spirit or the letter of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.
We have reason to believe that your account has been compromised or is fraudulent.
We have reason to believe that you have violated or have tried to violate the rights of others.

Please help us keep Classifieds an enjoyable and positive experience.  If you see a listing that violates our Community Guidelines, please contact help@{Site.Url}.

General Disclaimer

The views expressed by our audience in the Comments do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of, its staff or contributors. does not participate in, nor is it a party to, any Classifieds transactions. does not screen or control users who may sell or buy on Classifieds, nor does review or authenticate all listings, items, or services offered for sale.  We do our best to remove fraudulent or inappropriate listings with the help of our audience, who can report such listings to us. reserves the right to change these Guidelines at any time.

These guidelines have been created by members of our editorial staff, including the publisher, managing editor, reporters, and members of the community, incorporating feedback from our moderators and users.


The online community at exists to provide a platform for people to express their views on the stories making news headlines in our community. This community is shaped by the people who have a voice here. It is everyone’s responsibility to make it a place for intelligent, insightful and entertaining conversation. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, so please debate the issues fairly and be constructive. In short, no profanity, no insults.


Replies to comments: you can reply to other users’ comments by using the ‘reply’ icon under each comment.
Upvote:  upvote or “thumbs up” a comment if you like or agree with it.
Downvote:  downvote or “thumbs down” a comment if you dislike or disagree with it.

Comment Posting

You must be logged in to your account in order to post a comment.  To access the comments page of an article, click the POST COMMENT button at the bottom of an article. Type your comment into the box and when you are satisfied with the content, click ‘submit’.


Our commenting platform is moderated by a program that filters comments based on tone, which encourages healthy debate and discussions. Rude, disrespectful and unreasonable comments are automatically sent to moderation via this tool. 

Comments are also moderated by the community of readers and staff. This approach aims to elevate the tone of conversations. If a problematic comment slips through moderation, users can alert our moderators by flagging the comment.

Certain subjects — race, immigration, religion and sexual identity among them — unfortunately attract a high number of offensive and abusive comments that could be potentially libellous. For these reasons, we may choose to close comments preemptively.
Additionally, all comments posted overnight will not appear on the site immediately and will require moderation, so as to prevent inappropriate comments from being posted while our moderation team is unavailable.

When and why are comments closed?

  • Legal reasons: If comments breach a publication ban when the story involves a trial, crime or other legal case, or when comments contain information that could put us at legal risk, comments will not be opened at the time the story is posted. An accompanying message will also be posted explaining why comments have been closed.
  • Abuse: If comments regarding a particularly contentious issue are offensive, vulgar, racist and/or libelous, comments will be closed. An accompanying message will be posted explaining that comments on the story "have been closed because an overwhelming number of readers were making statements that could be considered offensive, libelous, untrue or vulgar."

What kinds of comments are removed?

  • Personal attacks: Name calling, threats and verbal abuse directed at another individual will not be tolerated. Comments will be removed. The offending commenter may be banned from commenting in the future.
  • Profanity: Keep it clean. Opinions can be expressed without foul language.
  • Spam: Messages promoting commercial entities or competing media sites will be removed.
  • Trolling: Commenters will be banned if there is an attempt to derail a conversation or post inflammatory comments. Please stay relevant and on topic.
  • Racism, sexism and other discrimination: Attacking an individual or group of people for their gender, gender identity or expression, race, culture or belief(s) will not be tolerated.
  • Illegal activities: Libellous statements or comments that include false or unsubstantiated allegations will be removed.
  • Offensive usernames: If your username includes words that are offensive or abusive, your account will be blocked.

Deleting Comments

You can delete your comment at any time by clicking the ‘delete’ icon just below your comment.

Do reporters and writers read and respond to comments?

Journalists will respond to queries and/or concerns when time and situation allows.

Where’s my Comment?

If your comment has disappeared it is likely that it is under review by our moderators.

Classifieds provides Classifieds as a platform for our local individuals and businesses to connect with one another, to sell and buy items and to share announcements and events.

These listings are posted by our audience, not by  Other than responding to suspected fraudulent or illegal listings, does not participate in, nor is it a party to, any Classifieds transactions.  Both Seller and Buyer should exercise caution and use their best judgement.

How To Use Classifieds

Posting Ads

Classifieds are posted directly by our audience, not by staff.  You need a account in order to post.

You can post an ad using the “Post an Ad” link at the top of the Classifieds.   Choose the most appropriate category and then enter a title, price, description.  Avoid entering any personal or contact information, as people can respond to your ad through your account.

Then, choose the Type, which will have a free option for most categories, along with some paid options that will make your listing for visible or make it stay up for longer.  If you’re posting for a business, you must choose one of the paid business options.

If you choose a paid option, you will need to enter a credit card.  If you’ve posted a paid ad before, there may already be a credit card saved to your account.  You can choose between these options.

If you’d like to add a photo to your listing, click the SELECT button to locate the photo on your device.

When everything is entered as you’d like, click the “Post Classified” button.  If there are any errors, we’ll let you know so you can make any necessary corrections.  Otherwise, your ad will immediately be posted to

Editing or Deleting Ads

You can view, edit, delete or renew your ads by clicking on My Ads at the top of the Classifieds.

You should delete your ad when your item sells.

Prohibited Postings will do its best to remove any fraudulent or illegal listings in the Classifieds.  You can help us by using the “Report this listing” link at the bottom of the listing if you suspect it is fraudulent or in violation of our rules.

Illegal Activities

You may not use Classifieds for any fraudulent or illegal activity or purpose.  Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Items or services that are illegal to buy or sell
  • Fraud: collecting payment from buyers and not providing the item or service purchased
  • Fraud: filing false claims for insurance payments
  • Gathering personal information of other users
  • Any item that violates any Canadian export law or regulation.
  • Any item that infringes the rights of a third party, including items that violate copyrights, trademarks, publicity, or privacy rights of third parties. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Unauthorized copies of software, music, video games, movies, photos, or other media.
    • Bootleg recordings of concerts, movies, or other performances. Sale of back-up copies of software.
    • Any item that is counterfeit or stolen, including items that are: "Replicas," "knock-offs," in the same "style" as, or "fake" versions of a name brand product.
    • Counterfeit, or for the purpose of producing counterfeit, currency, stamps, government identification.
    • Inauthentic sports collectibles, celebrity autographs, or otherwise inauthentic versions of memorabilia or other items with inauthentic signatures
  • Any item for gaining unauthorized entry to a place or vehicle including lock-picking devices, vehicle master keys, and other devices.
  • Any item that promotes, glorifies, or is directly associated with groups or individuals known principally for hateful or violent positions or acts.
  • Any animal items that are subject to regulations or laws for the protection of live animals, including endangered species and domesticated animals, as well as any products made from or including any parts of an animal protected by law or regulation. (Please note: Pets may be offered for sale on Classifieds.)
  • Any item that has been the subject of a product recall.
  • Any item used for hacking, intercepting, jamming, descrambling, or otherwise obtaining unauthorized access to wire, electronic, or other types of communications.
  • Bodies, body parts, bodily fluids. For example: cadavers, organs, "clean" urine for drug tests, sperm, eggs, blood, breast milk.
  • Fireworks, explosives, or any hazardous material or restricted chemical.
  • Government-issued identification documents, whether authentic or counterfeit (e.g., fake IDs for age verification, fake government credentials, passports, green cards, birth certificates), police badges or insignia, and any other law enforcement items (e.g., badges, uniforms, flashing lights/sirens, etc.) generally restricted for sale under federal and provincial law.

Unethical or Dangerous Activities

You may not use Classifieds for posting anything that deems unethical or dangerous to the community.  Examples include but not limited to:

  • Any item or service that is harmful to minors, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Illegal or restricted weapons and related accessories, including the following: Firearms and firearm accessories, including ammunition, scopes, and silencers, Switchblade knives, Any concealed weapon, Any explosive device, Martial arts weapons.
  • Cigarettes, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia (including items to grow, manufacture, or distribute the same), prescription drugs, and medical devices, including any medical device that requires fitting by a certified practitioner or licensed seller.
  • Stocks and securities.
  • Gambling items (lottery tickets, sweepstakes, pyramid schemes, grab bags, raffles, slot machines, etc.).
  • Individual contracts, services, and any item that is non-transferable.
  • Event tickets sold for prices that are in violation of the laws or regulations of the event venue.
  • Any used goods not appropriate for resale for safety, health, or other reasons, including any clothing items that have not been appropriately cleaned.
  • Any items that are "adult oriented" in nature or marketed in an objectionable manner.
  • Any other item or service that violates any applicable federal, provincial, or local law or regulation or which determines, in its sole discretion, is inappropriate for sale through the services provided by

Spam encourages you to post ads in Classifieds as long as they are not duplicates or other forms of spam, or otherwise inconsistent with our Guidelines or Terms of Service. may take action to delete classifieds ads and/or user accounts that we believe are misusing this service.

Prohibited spam or otherwise impermissible marketing activities in Classifieds may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Listings posted by bots or foreign accounts.
  • Listings not relevant to the local community served by
  • Listings containing advertising which are not in the correct category and/or are not paid for.
  • Listings that are not for a legitimate item, announcement, event or service.
  • Posting an ad that is unrelated to the category in which the ad is placed.
  • Posting identical ads in the same category and location.
  • Posting an ad with inappropriate links, titles, descriptions, or unauthorized use of content to which the person posting does not have rights.
  • Posting a multi-level marketing position or other non-traditional job.
  • Posting an ad for the sole purpose of collecting user information or raising money.
  • Posting an ad that contains unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional materials. This may include an ad that instructs the user(s) to contact the person/company posting the ad for more information and then require the user to pay a fee for that information.
  • Posting a job ad that requires a monetary investment by the user at any time.
  • Posting an ad that requires a user to register before getting detailed information about the product or position.
  • Soliciting a Classifieds user to post an ad in another classifieds site.

Your Responsibilities

  • Sellers and buyers are completely responsible for working out the sale and exchange of goods or services.
  • Sellers and buyers must resolve any disputes that may arise from Classifieds transactions.
  • Sellers and buyers are responsible for researching and complying with any applicable laws, regulations or restrictions on items, services, or manner of sale or exchange that may pertain to transactions in which they participate.
  • Sellers and buyers are responsible for all applicable taxes and for all costs incurred by participating in Classifieds.

Submitter’s Responsibilities

All sellers / submitters must:

  • Comply with applicable laws.  You may not offer for sale or sell an item or service which violates any laws or regulations.
  • Comply with’s rules.  You may not submit any Classified listing which is in violation of’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.
  • Provide accurate information.  You must accurately describe the item or service you are selling. You may not include any language in your ad, including the ad title, which may confuse potential buyers.
  • Place item in the most appropriate category, and not in multiple categories.
  • Avoid inappropriate ad content.  You may not link to, post, or include advertisements for goods or other materials that: (a) describe items or services that you are not selling in Classifieds, or (b) you do not have right to link to or include. You also may not include any content or images in your ad that are obscene, offensive, harmful to minors, invasive of anyone’s privacy, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Have the rights to and possession of item.  You may not offer any item for sale that is not in your possession, you do not have the right to sell, or that does not exist at the time of the ad.

Respondent’s Responsibilities

All buyers / respondents must:

  • Exercise critical thinking and use caution.  There are lots of scams out there, and while we try to catch and remove these listings, is not immune.
  • Avoid giving out too much personal information to strangers on the Internet.
  • Conduct all communication through’s messaging platform if possible, to avoid giving out your private email address or phone number.
  • Conduct business in a public place if at all possible.  Ask the local police if they have an “internet purchase zone” set up in your community.
  • Pay the agreed upon price when purchasing something from a seller.
  • Attempt to resolve any disputes with the Seller.  If you have been defrauded, contact the Police.
  • Alert (help@{Site.Url}) if a Seller is violating our Community Guidelines.

Premium Classifieds Classifieds offers a variety of pricing options depending on the category.  Most categories have a free option, but some categories for high-value items like real estate or cars may not.

Most categories will have options for individuals and businesses.  Businesses and other commercial enterprises (including home businesses) are required to choose the business option.  If a business (or otherwise commercial ad) is posted using an individual option, the ad may be removed without notice.

Special Rules for Animals

All animal breeder ads are considered business ads and must be placed as a paid business ad. Any ad selling animals on an ongoing basis (breeding) must be paid for.

In order for an animal to be sold using a free ad option, the Seller must be asking for no more than $100 per animal in a single litter to cover routine expenses.  If you sell animals from more than one litter over any period of time, you will be considered a breeder and must post using a paid business ad. 

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