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ELECTION 2021: Town and County of Barrhead Results

Barrhead municipal elections largely favour incumbents
Muni election-results

(Editor's note: This story has been revised to include Pembina Hills School Division's election results for the wards in the Barrhead Leader's readership area).

The (unofficial) 2021 election results are in for the two Barrhead municipalities, as well as Woodlands County. 

In the Town of Barrhead, incumbent Dave McKenzie has defeated challenger Liam Sorenson for the mayor’s seat. McKenzie received 1,129 votes while Sorenson received 207. 

The remaining six seats on council have been snatched up by a mix of incumbents and newcomers. Dave Sawatzky garnered the largest vote count with a total of 914 ballots, followed by incumbent Dausen Kluin with 877 votes. 

Incumbent Ty Assaf earns another term on council with 835 votes while incumbent Don Smith received 802 votes. Rounding out the fifth and sixth spots on council are incumbent Ron Klumph (765 votes) and Anthony Oswald (560 votes). 

The other candidates for town council are Shauna Lynn Zeldenrust (434 votes), Shannon Harris (393 votes) and Stephen Bablitz (386 votes). 

County of Barrhead 

The County of Barrhead election has mostly favoured the current council, as all incumbents running for re-election have won their seats. 

In Division 1, incumbent Doug Drozd has defeated challenger Debra Boyle with 172 votes to her 93. 

In Division 2, incumbent Marvin Schatz has secured another term on council with 150 votes, while challenger Davis Sotnikow garnered 110. 

In Division 4, incumbent Bill Lane has won with a total of 174 votes. Lorrie Jespersen was the runner-up with 140 votes, while Ivan M. Kusal and Amanda Lambert received 118 and 35 votes respectively. 

In Division 5, which was up for grabs following the retirement of Darrell Troock, newcomer Paul Properzi has prevailed with 123 votes while Folkert Miedema and Darren Strawson received 60 and 55 votes respectively. 

In Divisions 3, 6 and 7, Ron Kleinfeldt, incumbent Walter Preugschas and Jared Stoik were all elected by acclamation. 

Woodlands County 

Unlike the Town and County of Barrhead, Woodlands County’s municipal election has largely favoured new candidates over incumbents. 

Returning to council are incumbents Dave Kusch, Bruce Prestidge and John Burrows. Kusch and Prestidge won Division 1 (Anselmo) and Division 5 (Blue Ridge) respectively via acclamation, while Burrows won his Division 2 (Whitecourt West) seat with 190 votes over Patricia MacNeil’s 105 votes. 

Division 3 (Whitecourt Central) saw Alan Deane win with 233 votes versus incumbent Ron Govenlock’s 62 votes. Donna Gerber finished closely in third with 61 votes. 

In Division 4 (Whitecourt East), which was up for grabs following the retirement of Jim Rennie, Jeremy Wilhelm has narrowly defeated Colby Wells in a 168-167 photo finish. Roland Thompson came in third with 45 votes. 

In Division 6 (Goose Lake/Freeman River), Peter Keulken has won with 90 votes. Crystal Wood came in second with 62 votes, while Judy Bradley earned 52 votes. 

In Division 7 (Fort Assiniboine/Timeu), Devin Williams has won his first term on council with 138 votes, while incumbent Dale Kluin received 60 votes. Cecil Aldrich came in third with 52 votes. 

Pembina Hills School Division

in Pembina Hills-Ward 3, incumbent Judy Lefebvre defeated former Alberta Learning Distance Centre teacher Gary Frederickson 1080 to 441 votes. Ward 3 includes Barrhead Elementary, Barrhead Composite High School and the Outreach school.

In the race for Pembina Hills West-Ward 2, Melissa Hanna narrowly defeated Cindy Carswell by four votes, 400 to 396. Pembina Hills West-Ward 2 division includes the schools in Fort Assiniboine and Swan Hills.

In Pembina Hills West-Ward 1, which includes Neerlandia Public Christian School and Dunstable School, Victoria Kane was acclaimed.

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