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Adopt Me: Panda is looking for a new home!

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panda dog

Town and Country Today, in partnership with Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, brings you this feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.

Hello, I'm Panda and I am looking for a new home!

Animal Type: Dog

Gender: Male

Colour: Black/White

Approximate Date of Birth: Sept. 20, 2020

Breed: Mixed breed (large)/Collie

Intake Date: Feb. 25, 2021

Hi Everyone, my name is Panda because, well, I look like those big, fluffy, lovable Panda Bears and my personality is a match. I am the most lovable guy. I love all my two-legged humans, even the younger ones. Even though I'm a big guy, I'm excited that my people are already helping me with my manners. I don't pull on my leash at all even though I don't love it. And did you know that if I put my bum on the ground to get my leash on that i get a treat? I like this so much that when my foster mom suggested that I lay down, I thought this was a great idea because maybe I'll get another treat, and I was right! Oh yeah, and did you know that I get to play outside in a nice big acreage and because I love being near to my two legged friends so much that I don't even need a leash to stay close! That's right! My foster mom said that I am a natural because I always look for where she is and if I can't see her then I come and find her right away. And if she can't see me, all she has to do is whistle or call my name and I come find her, and then she does my most favoritest thing. She pets me and pets me; that is the very bestest thing ever! I'm trying really hard to get the kitties in the house to play with me, but so far they aren't falling for my 'please play with me' eyes! I try to tell them, 'hey, let's play' but so far they are having none of it! Oh well, the humans in this house fell for me pretty quick, I'm sure I can get those felines to love me just as much. Did I tell you I was big and fluffy? My fur is very thick and so staying in the house for too long makes me really hot. So, if you are an outdoor person, we are going to be super fast friends. My foster mom says that I sort of look like a four legged snow plow when I get outside because I love the snow. It is so cool and refreshing to roll in, dig in, stick my nose in and to climb on--who wouldn't love that wonderful white stuff? And I drink a lot of water and, if I'm being honest, sometimes that water seems to just leak out of my smiley lips all over the floor, but my foster mom says that is fine because I'm such a good boy that a little water never hurt anyone! Oh yeah, and like most young four-leggers, I really love to chew things and I'm pretty good at finding stuff like stuffed animals that the kids in the house had hidden away, clean clothes that are still on the couch and slippers that my foster mom forgot she even had. I haven't wrecked any of these things; I just really love piling them all on my bed so when my foster mom stops working and comes to check on me, I'm laying in a comfortable pile of all these wonderful, soft treasures I've found. I really like the bed I have because it is up off the ground but I really don't like the kennel. I know, my foster mom said this is something we are going to have to practice and I really want to impress her by learning how to sleep in that terrible thing but let's be real, I'm going to avoid getting in there until my foster mom strongly recommends that I have to and maybe, just maybe, one day I won't hoot and holler so much to get out. Maybe! So, if you are looking for a giant bundle of fluffy loving, I'm the man for you. I'm going to get neutered next week; I don't really want to talk about that, but then I will be ready to find my furever home! And, because I love everyone, I'm super excited to meet you so I can show you just how loving I can be!


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