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Residents will be able to track Athabasca County graders

GPS data will be uploaded to county website, showing where and when division graders were working
Athabasca County has rolled out a new section to it website that will allow residents to track where and when the graders have been working on roads. Reeve Brian Hall hopes that the new program will make accessing this information easier for residents.

ATHABASCA – Athabasca County residents will now be able to track where and where the municipality’s graders have been.

The project has been in the works for a few months, with a few hiccups coming from some technical issues, for example areas in the county where the grader GPS doesn’t always connect.

The maps are available online on the county’s website, in the infrastructure services portion of the services tab and will be stored online for between four to six weeks, at which point they will be replaced by the most recent report.

“The reporting will provide residents more clarity on the frequency that the graders are in their region. It’ll also allow them to access the information directly, without having to call administration, or their councillor directly, it’s available for them to just go and see, without the middle step,” said reeve Brian Hall in a May 12 interview.

The idea grew out of the number of calls that administration was receiving about which roads were being graded; according to Hall, it was a regular call for the front desk to receive.

“It’s a consistent question that comes up, and this permits a more-timely response, where they can obtain the information on demand. It’s been my view of the work that this council has been doing, that they’ve been taking steps to put more information more quickly in the hands of our ratepayers, and this is consistent with those efforts,” said Hall.

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