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Welding sparks cause grass fire northeast of Barrhead Oct. 20

Barrhead firefighters were on the scene tending to the fire for most of the day, with Westlock County firefighters providing assistance
Grass Fire (VM)
Smoke rises from a large grass fire northeast of Barrhead on Oct. 20. According to Barrhead Regional Fire Services (BRFS) fire chief Gary Hove, the fire was approximately 80 acres in size.

The Barrhead Regional Fire Services (BRFS) were on the scene for most of the day on Oct. 20 tending to a grass fire a 15-minute drive northeast of Barrhead that grew to roughly 80 acres in size. 

In an e-mail, BRFS fire chief Gary Hove said the fire was started by welding sparks that ignited dry grass and then swiftly grew out of control thanks to the wind. 

Barrhead firefighters responded in the early afternoon and, according to Hove, were on the scene until about 8 p.m. 

He noted that they did have the Westlock County Fire Department respond for mutual aid, with the Busby Fire Department bringing their wild land truck and the Pickardville Fire Department bringing out their water tender. 

“Together we brought the fire under control and contained,” Hove said. 

Hove noted that they had to return the following day (Oct. 21) at around 10:30 a.m. to extinguish some of the more threatening ground fires that were still burning or had flared up.

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