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Kenney will remain at UCP helm until new leader is chosen

The premier isn't leaving his post just yet.

Despite announcing his intention to step down as premier and the leader of the United Conservative Party last night, Jason Kenney will remain in the party's top seat for some time. 

Following an hours-long caucus meeting Thursday, a statement was released by caucus chair Nathan Neudorf. 

"Today the United Conservative caucus has a vigorous discussion and debate about the future of our party and our government," the statement read. "We agreed that we must remain united, focused on the best interests of Albertans and committed to doing the job Albertans elected us to do,

"In that spirit, we have affirmed Premier Jason Kenney's continued leadership of our caucus and government until such a time as a new leader is chosen, the timing of which will be determined by the United Conservative Party." 

Kenney also released a letter to his social media, indicating that his resignation would be effective upon the election of a new leader. 

On Wednesday the premier announced he would be stepping down from his position as leader following a narrow 51.4 per cent vote of support from the membership.