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Who says 13 is an unlucky number?

The hard-to-believe triumphs of ONE family on ONE hole at ONE Edmonton golf course.

Thirty-three years ago Kevin Shaigec got a hole-in-one on No. 13 at the Edmonton Country Club.

At the end of this past August, on a very windy morning, two hours before his first grandchild was born, he did it again.

“The first time I used a 6-iron from 176 yards; this last time I used a 6-hybrid from 181 yards so obviously I can’t hit it as far anymore,” said Shaigec, 61.

“I’ve been close to getting a hole-in-one on that hole many other times. Just a couple of days before, I came within a couple of inches. That goes to show how lucky it is when they go in,” said Shaigec, who plays to a fine 3-handicap.

But that isn’t the story.

Kevin’s dad, Peter, who passed away 15 years ago, had two aces on No. 13.

He got his first one in 1978 and his second one in 1982.

“Dad was a pretty good player. He got down to a single-handicap himself,” said Kevin.

But that isn’t the story.

Kevin’s brother Mike has three holes-in-one on No. 13, a very challenging Par 3 with a big, sloping green that is surrounded by four bunkers.

Mike got his first one in 1983, his second in 1991 and then his third in 2019.

He used a 5-wood from 190 yards the first time. The second time he used a 5-iron from the same distance and then last time he only needed a 7-iron from 175 yards.

“The last one was really good because it actually paid something. It came on Men’s Night and there was a hole-in-one pool and I won $880.

He also has a pair of holes-in-one on No. 4 at the Country Club.

“It’s amazing,” said Mike, 51, who is a scratch golfer.

But, no, that isn’t the story either.

Connor, Mike’s son, also has a hole-in-one. That came in 2018 when he was only ten, and that happened on No. 13 as well.

“That was the most exciting thing ever to happen to me on a golf course because Connor, my other son Mitchell and I were all playing together.

But, no, even all that isn’t the whole story either.

Kevin’s wife, Gail, has a trio of holes-in-one too. Most remarkably--incredulously --they all came on No. 13 too.

Gail’s first ace came on August 14, 2000. Then she did it again in 2001 and completed the hat trick on No. 13 in 2004.

“I almost take it for granted,” said Gail. “It’s amazing but it seems easy.”

Add it all up and that’s 11 holes-in-one on the same Country Club hole by the same family.

Now, that’s a story.

“It’s incredible,” said Alan Carter, general manager of the Edmonton Country Club.

“For one family to have that kind of success on one hole is amazing.”

“Most people never get a hole-in-one in their golfing careers,” added Carter. “So to get 11 holes-in-one by one family on the same hole is a remarkable achievement and a testament to this golf-loving family, who have been dedicated to the Country Club for many years."

“It’s very, very rare,” said Mike.

“If you don’t play golf maybe you don’t understand how rare it really is.

“Mitchell is feeling a little left out. He’s 16 so he’s got lots of time left and he’s a very good, little player. He was second overall in this year’s Edmonton Junior golf tournament and won his age division.”

“Who says 13 is an unlucky number?” said Kevin.

“The odds of all that happening one one hole by the same family have to be astronomical.

“It’s almost unbelievable,” continued Kevin, who has been with two other golfers when they got holes-in-one on No. 13.

“It’s bizarre. It’s staggering. Almost surreal.

“It’s a good story.”

Is it ever.

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