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Barrhead Leader

The Barrhead Leader is an award-winning news publication located in the Town of Barrhead, Alberta. We have been serving the community of Barrhead and surrounding areas with quality news and information since 1927. The Leader provides extensive coverage of the topics that matter to the community, such as local news and sports. We are dedicated to keeping the community informed about local events and providing thought-provoking editorials.

The Barrhead Leader is owned by Great West Newspapers, LP, as a partnership dedicated to keeping Albertans informed through community newspapers. The Barrhead Leader published its first issue issue in 1927, the same year Barrhead was founded, and continued to grow with the Town of Barrhead to adapt to the changing needs of the community. Our employees are active in the community, sitting as volunteers on many board and committees. The Barrhead Leader is dedicated to serving the community by developing a strong local network.