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Westlock News

The Westlock News is an award-winning weekly newspaper located in Westlock. Our team of journalists serves the town and county of Westlock with local news that matters. Published every Tuesday, Westlock news has been serving the communities in the area, such as Westlock and the Village of Clyde, as the main source of local information since its founding 1901.

The Westlock News is owned by Great West Newspapers, LP, as part of a partnership between community newspapers across Alberta. Great West Newspapers and The Westlock News provide hyper-local news that matters in all the affiliate communities. Westlock is located north of Edmonton in the heart of Alberta’s rich agricultural land, but the community has grown to play a vital role in other industries, such as oil, gas and forestry. The Westlock News is dedicated to growing and adapting to suit the needs of the residents of Westlock and the surrounding area.