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For A Successful Massage Career, School Choice Matters

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A successful career starts with getting the right education—just ask MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy graduate Ryan Kim.

When he first graduated in 2018, Ryan found that the school’s reputation preceded him, and gave him an advantage when applying for jobs.

“When I applied for positions, I had clinics call me back right away—and a couple of the clinics said that they were calling me because it said ‘MH Vicars’ on my resume,” Ryan said. “MH Vicars graduates have a good reputation amongst clients, and with other therapists. I’ve worked at clinics that have other MH Vicars graduates, and they are busy, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with.”

Ryan felt confident in his own skills, and was able to effectively treat clients from all walks of life.

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“I absolutely felt prepared, and I could start right away. Whatever was thrown at me, I could handle it,” he explained. “If my clients had different medical issues, I was able to treat it without hesitating.”

The reason MH Vicars graduates stand out, and are in such demand from clients and employers, is because the Vicars curriculum is based on Canada’s highest massage education standards. Unlike most schools in Alberta, MH Vicars teaches the national curriculum standard. So Vicars graduates have the same skills and knowledge as massage therapists in provinces where massage therapy is regulated.

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The MH Vicars program is a two-year diploma course. It’s a full-time program, but is delivered through a blended-learning model. Students spend 4 days per month on campus in Edmonton or Calgary, and rest of the full-time program is completed at home and online.

Blended learning means that students have all the advantages of a full-time education, including the ability to apply for student aid. The school attracts students from all over Western Canada, including people from small towns and rural areas who appreciate that they can stay in their communities, support their families, and meet their other responsibilities.

And for graduates like Ryan Kim, the results speak for themselves.

“I can’t thank the teachers, staff, and the school’s curriculum enough.”