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Back to the Office: What to Do with Your Unused Work-at-Home Space

Back to working at the office? Convert your home office into something fresh.
9-3 Rework Office
Image by Zandria Ross from Pixabay

Across the country, organizations are welcoming back their employees to in-person workdays and office friends are being reunited. But what happens to all of the home offices that were so carefully designed and decorated over the past few years of pandemic living? It might be time to repurpose that space into something new.

Converting Home Office Spaces

For most people, working from home required redesigning an area to make it into a functional workspace. People dismantled guest rooms, portioned off a corner of the living room, or took over the end of the dining room table to accommodate their workdays. Now that many people have returned to the office, these spaces are ready to be transformed yet again.

It might be easy enough to pack up the computer and put away the office chair, but consider something a bit fresher for this space that the family has learned to live without.

Welcome Back Guests

Now that friends and family are more likely to visit again, it would be nice to return the guest room back to its original use. Take the opportunity to give the room an update. Focus on a simple style that is comfortable and functional. Upgrade the bedding, give the walls a fresh coat of paint, replace the window coverings, and make sure the lighting is perfect.

Create a Quiet Meditation Space

A quiet space in the home makes a great retreat to relax and recharge in after a busy day at the office. Transform your home office into a meditation space or home library. Paint the walls either a neutral or dark colour, make sure the seating is comfortable, adjust the lighting, and include soft furnishings and live plants.

Intentional Space for Creativity

All of the time spent at home during the pandemic has ignited many people’s creativity. Keep it going by converting the home office into a dedicated art, music, or writing space. Fill the space with items that inspire and make sure everything that is needed to create is easily accessible.

Stay Flexible

While you might be anxious to toss out your home office desk, the world is still a little unpredictable. Consider tucking a small desk into a closet or add a wardrobe desk to an alcove just in case.

In the end, the spaces in the home should serve the needs of everyone who lives there. Taking advantage of all of the space available makes a home even more comfortable and welcoming for the entire family.

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