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Getting Ready for Summer: 5 Annual Home Maintenance Tasks

The sun is shining and that means it is time to do some annual home maintenance chores. Getting these tasks out of the way at the beginning of summer means that you will be able to enjoy the rest of the season even more.
Get your home ready for summer with these tips that will keep it looking great from top to bottom and front to back.

There is always a lot to do to get your home ready for summer. Whether the chores are for safety reasons or purely aesthetic, it is best to tackle them as soon as you can. Here are our top five tasks to take care of this month:

1. Power Wash the Exterior

After a year’s worth of snow, rain, and wind, the exterior of your home probably needs a good cleaning. Use a power washer to rinse off the dirt and grime. You can also get a window cleaning attachment to give your windows a streak-free shine.

2. Check the Roof

Summer is a good time to do a visual check of your roof. You may have missing shingles that need to be replaced or it might be time for an entirely new roof. If you aren’t comfortable going up the ladder, you can hire a roofer to give you an assessment.

3. HVAC Cleaning

It is time to call in the professionals for your seasonal HVAC cleaning, especially if you have central air conditioning. While you are at it, change your furnace filters and sweep out the utility room.

4. Check Outdoor Vents

Outdoor vents, including your dryer vent, should be checked for build-up periodically. Make sure the vent slats are moving easily and remove any debris. Also check to ensure that outdoor furniture or tools aren’t blocking any of your home’s vents.

5. Cleaning the Grill

Take some time now to get your BBQ cleaned up and ready to go for the season and you will thank yourself later. All it takes is a sturdy scrub brush, a bucket of soapy water, and lots of elbow grease. Before you start scrubbing, turn it on and burn off any debris. Then once it has cooled, remove the grates and soak them in soapy water while you scrub down the rest of the grill. Make sure to also check the propane connection and hose as well.

Home Maintenance Checklists

These five tasks are our top picks, but every homeowner will have their own list of annual chores to do each summer. In order to streamline home maintenance, consider making a home maintenance checklist to help you keep on top of everything all year round.

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