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Water Detectors and Other Ways to Avoid Flooding/Water Damage in Your Home

A burst pipe, the tub left running, overland flooding – know the risks and how to prevent water damage in your home.
10-1 water leak

Homeowners should purchase insurance for theft, fire and flood. Insurance is useful after an incident has occurred, however, prevention is even more important. What if there was a way to help prevent flooding or at least know that it is happening so something can be done right away to correct the problem? There are some tools and gadgets that will help.

Smart Water Leak Protector

There are many types and brands of smart water leak detectors, but most of them work the same way. These devices can be placed in a home where there is a chance of a water damage. This can include by the hot water tank, washing machine or in the basement. Multiple units can be used at the same time to protect the whole house. These devices are designed to monitor the home 24/7. They monitor for a change in temperature to avoid freezing pipes, and check humidity to prevent mold. Many of the sensors are WiFi compatible.

Remote Controlled Water Shut Off Systems

A remote controlled water system has a button pad that can be installed by the main door of your home. Using this pad, you can turn the water supply off when you are away for hours, days or weeks. During a power outage it will close off the water to prevent costly flood repair. If there is a burst or just a leaky pipe or faucet, using this device will protect the home. This is a great proactive gadget.

Other Ways to Prevent Flooding

There are some basic upkeep and maintenance tips that help prevent flooding in your home. Cleaning the eavestroughs yearly can help the overflow of water from the troughs to the ground. Improper flow will erode the foundation and cause leaks. These leaks can lead to flooding.

The majority of homes have a sump pump, however, these can become overwhelmed or fail with a power outage. Installing a backup sump pump that is battery operated can prevent disaster.

Being informed also can help prevent flooding. Do you know where the flood plains are in your area? Do you have a flood plan (similar to a fire plan) and do you monitor the weather to know if heavy rain is expected so you can prepare ahead of time with sandbags or sealing off windows?

There are many ways to prevent flooding in your home. Take the time to be informed and then find the right tool or gadget for your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late; plan ahead.

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