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What Makes a Great Winter Topiary Garden?

Check out these components of an amazing winter topiary garden!
Frostbitten but beautiful evergreens are a favourite in winter topiary gardens. Photo Credit: Ian Schneider, Unsplash

With winter quickly approaching, your front flower beds are likely starting to lose their brilliance. When the flowers begin to fade and the trees lose their leaves, it is the best time to begin planning your winter garden. Topiary gardens are an excellent choice, allowing you to create an aesthetically pleasing garden even when it’s covered in snow.

Evergreen Trees and Shrubs

Evergreen trees and shrubs are the staple of any winter garden. Since these plants don’t lose their leaves, they allow gardeners to bring colour to wintry white landscapes. These plants also provide a strong structure for your topiary garden. In order to hold up snow and create strong shapes, the main plants in your garden must be sturdy.

When planning your winter garden, make sure to include many evergreens to make your garden structurally sound and break up the monotonous white of snow.

Decidedly Deciduous

While not as full during the winter as evergreens, deciduous plants can still add to your topiary garden. With whimsical bony branches, these bushes and small trees can bring variety and a hint of mystery to your garden. With thick limbed options, deciduous shrubs can also provide support to any thin evergreens. While not the main portion of a topiary garden, deciduous shrubs are a great option for texture and style.

Short Fillers

When planning the perfect topiary garden, it can be easy to get caught up in the branches of the tall, main plants. For a garden to appear full and well rounded, shorter plants are also required. These shrubs provide support along the base of other plants and fill out the space around the main stems of taller bushes. For a garden hidden under snow, they can also help support the top layer and prevent unsightly cave-ins. By taking the time to plan your garden in advance, you can ensure you find the best plants for your vision.

Fun Shapes

One of the most well-known features of topiary gardens are the fun shapes and designs bushes can be pruned into. These may require a bit more planning, as more complex shapes could require more pruning and shaping.

Once carved into your desired shapes, your topiaries will be ready to become a welcome relief from winter. With a light dusting or heavy blanket of snow, your collection of topiary shapes can appear almost magical.

Topiary gardens are a fun way to up break the monotony of a white winter wasteland. With colourful evergreens and whimsical deciduous bushes, and some shorter supporting shrubs, you can have a well-rounded and beautiful winter garden. Add in some specially pruned and shaped shrubs and you can turn your front yard into a wonderland!

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