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Five Things to do Around Alberta This Week – The Finale

We hope this column provided you with a summer full of discovering new places, cultures, activities, and maybe even a little more about yourself.
54 - 5 Things Final

In this final installment, we are going to recap not just where to have some fun during the close out of the summer weeks, but how to also get ready for a fall full of adventures!

Keep Going to Farmers Markets

We think of all the fresh produce, honey, and baking when Farmers Markets open in the summer, but there is no reason to stop going during the fall. The later crops like potatoes and carrots are in full swing. Additionally, some markets are open year round, and many have special Christmas markets. When you shop at your local Farmers Market, you support the hardworking makers and producers in your area. With your favourite vendors and new ones to discover, making going to Farmers Markets part of your weekly outings.

Keep Appreciating Art

From the Alberta Art Gallery to the tiny Curbside Museum, art is always on display. Keep visiting galleries, installations and exhibitions. Art helps us understand our world in new and fascinating ways, helps us experience that important sense of awe, and helps us see the world through new perspectives. There are no shortage of museums in Alberta to explore.

Keep Learning about Other Cultures

Alberta is incredibly diverse and each culture loves to showcase their art, traditions, and food. Spend time getting to know the wonderful people that make up this province. Attend cultural events, seek out ethnic restaurants, and visit Black and Indigenous owned businesses.

Keep Exploring Nature

Vast mountain ranges, sandy stretches dotted with hoodoos, winding rivers, swimming holes, national parks, nature preserves, night sky preserves – Alberta’s diversity of landscape, flora, fauna, and wildlife make it a year-round outdoor playground. Walk in your city’s green spaces. Take a weekend away in a cabin in the mountains. Visit the bison in Elk Island National Park. Wherever you roam, you are at home in this naturally beautiful province. Tourists visit here to explore what we have in our back yard. Go out and enjoy it.

Keep Visiting Really Big Things

The UFO landing pad, a massive perogy, big mushrooms – these giant roadside attractions that dot the Alberta landscape are far more than quirky places that look great on your Instagram feed. Each one has some sort of historical or cultural significance and helps explain the city/town/hamlet/village’s history with a touch of whimsy.

In Alberta, our mountains, prairies, rivers, valleys – but most importantly, the people – are truly larger than life. Alberta is far from perfect in many ways, but it is home. Let’s explore, cherish, and protect it.

We hope you had a wonderful summer.

Nerissa McNaughton is a freelance writer and a contributor to Great West Media. This story was written for the Hot Summer Guide advertising feature. It is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.

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