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Glamping at Mount Engadine: An Experience for Every Traveller

Glamorous camping (also known as glamping) has gained popularity over the last decade. You might even think about the experience as elevated camping or adventuring in comfort.
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Glamping tents are fully furnished and offer amenities such as premium linen and toiletries. The experience may be hard to wrap your head around, primarily if you associate camping with a damp tent and cold ground. We're here to assure you that glamping is far from that and is a one-of-a-kind experience for all ages, regardless of why you travel.

Here is why a visit to Mount Engadine will meet your expectations whether you are a nature lover, a parent creating family memories, a foodie, a travel influencer or an adventure seeker.

The Nature Lover

You might be a nature lover, someone who enjoys being steps away from the outdoors, in fresh air while hoping for a glimpse of a majestic moose. Mount Engadine's glamping tents are uniquely situated by the Spray Lakes, each with a view of the valley that is surrounded by mountain ranges. From the moment you leave your canvas-walled tent, you're surrounded by nature. As an added bonus, there is no cell service or television. Just a 360-degree nature experience, uninterrupted.

We assure you that no scouting skills are necessary for the nature lover that is new to outdoor pursuits. While you may be off the grid, you can pick up a Kananaskis guide and trail map to help you navigate the area.

The Parents Creating Memories

As parents, there is no doubt you want to create memories with your children that they will talk about with their own children. Unfortunately, camping with the family requires a lot of planning on the part of the parents, from packing enough sleeping bags and warm clothes so that no one freezes at night to ensuring that there is enough food for the duration of your getaway — not to mention finding the outhouse in the dark, when one child forgets to go potty before bed. Mount Engadine's glamping tents provide the same "outdoor camping memories" without any of the traditional camping stress. Each tent comes set up and ready for your family to create memories worth sharing.

An added bonus for families is the cost. In many cases, glamping is more affordable than staying in a hotel, making it a budget-friendly option for families. Since no camping gear is required, families don't have to worry about investing in products they may use infrequently. Each tent is equipped with a King-sized bed, pull-out sofa and four healthy meals are included with your stay!

The Foodie

Many travellers have begun to identify themselves as foodies, scoping out destinations based on opportunities to try unique food and local dishes. They seek to discover hidden gems, only opting for fast food when necessary.

Mount Engadine Lodge prepares all of their visitors' meals, making the experience an all-inclusive stay. A two-course breakfast is served, along with a packed lunch for those who want to explore the surrounding areas. At breakfast, visitors select the ingredients they want included in their custom made sandwich with homemade bread and other locally sourced ingredients. Dinners are far from the traditional hamburger and fries provided at a hotel bar. Instead, the Lodge serves a three-course feast, including local Alberta beef tenderloin and other traditional Canadian flavours such as a maple roasted pumpkin soup or salmon served with local mushrooms. Dietary restrictions can also be accommodated.

The Instagram Influencer

The travel influencer is looking for a picture-perfect travel destination, ideal for sharing their experience and encouraging their followers to visit. They are looking to build memories and share their unique experiences with their audience.

From the moment you arrive, you can document your journey as you cross a wooden walkway that is raised off the ground and visit your personal canvas walled trappers tent. Each tent also has a private patio and deck with the perfect backdrop for photos. Inside the tent, you will be greeted with hardwood floors and a beautiful chandelier, meaning the photo ops won't stop at the beautiful scenery. Whether you decide to take the time to explore the nature around the property or venture deeper into Kananaskis, scenic shots and stories are waiting to be made.

For the ultimate Instagram story, you might take advantage of the Lodge's partnership with Alpine Helicopter to see the Kananaskis valley from above.

The Adventure Seeker

You might not associate vacations with relaxing. After all, you're in a new landscape, so exploring your surroundings is just part of the adventure. Looking back at your previous getaways, they all may involve lots of excitement and high-adrenaline activities, leaving you tired at the end of your visit.

Mount Engadine is the start of your adventure. The location of the glamping tents will put you in the heart of some of the best hiking in Kananaskis. Mount Shark, Rimwall Summit, and Sparrowhawk are popular choices for a scramble, offering you scenic views that will leave you breathless (and not just from the exercise). On days you are looking for an easier alternative, the Blackshale Suspension Bridge, Sarrail Ridge via Upper Kananaskis Lake and Chester Lake all offer beautiful scenery with less time commitment. Mount Engadine is open year-round, making it popular for winter activities such as access to snowshoeing trails and fat biking in the winter. In the fall, you might decide to spend a day on the water, paddling through the surrounding lakes. Regardless of your adrenaline level for the day, there is an adventure around every corner, regardless of season.

Booking Your Glamping Vacation

Mount Engadine is a rustic mountain oasis perfect for building memories. After your visit, you will likely agree glamping is truly one of the best ways to experience your local hidden gem! 

Ready to book your glamping experience? Book online at, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 587.807.0570 today!

This content was submitted by Castle Avery for the Hot Summer Guide advertising feature.  It is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.

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