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Council chooses new flag design for community

Christy Forsythe takes home the $100 prize for her modern take on what makes Boyle special

BOYLE – A new flag will soon fly over the Village of Boyle. 

Councillors made their final determination as to which design that flag would bear after viewing all the entries to the village’s flag design contest at their Nov. 10 regular meeting. And the winner is Christy Forsythe, whose bright, modern take on the village really stood out for councillors, who lined all the submissions out on a table to view at the same time. Forsythe will receive $100 as a prize for her efforts. 

“Over the past 40 years I have been visiting the Village of Boyle, and more specifically, Skeleton Lake. I’ve fallen in love with the area, and I’m happy to submit a design for Boyle’s new flag,” said Forsythe in her submission. “I’ve seen many changes to the town over the years and see potential in its future. A bustling little village with a positive attitude deserves a flag that represents Boyle as a forward-looking community that welcomes the future with open arms. This flag design represents just that.” 

The new design follows the previous formula of the former flag, featuring a picturesque scene with a stylized sun, surrounded by evergreens, rising over a lake. Forsythe went on to explain her design and what each aspect of the flag is meant to represent. 

“The sun speaks to the positive, bright future of the town. The trees represent the natural setting the town is nestled within. And, of course, the lake anchors the design, complete with two boats, representing the recreational amenities the lake and area offer,” she said. 

The Grade 1 class at Boyle School also got in on the contest, with each student submitting their best ideas for the new flag. 

Aside from the one motion to name Forsythe’s design as the winning entry, council also decided to thank the students for taking part by throwing them a pizza party — a motion that was passed unanimously. 

“I think it’s a good time to make a change,” said mayor Colin Derko at council’s Sept. 15 meeting, when council decided to hold the contest to replace the flag. “We’ve gone through some changes, so why not do a complete change and look at doing a completely new flag. We’ve got some talented individuals within our community and some great ideas.”

Chris Zwick

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