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Fifteen vehicle owners ticketed Feb. 22 as town continues to clear streets of snow

Crews will continue snow removal work tomorrow and Wednesday
WES Feb. 22-24 snow map Feb.
Town of Westlock crews will continue their snow-removal efforts Tuesday and Wednesday on the streets highlighted in blue and orange.

WESTLOCK – Fifteen more people were ticketed today for leaving their vehicles on roads designated for snow removal as the Town of Westlock continues its “focused enforcement” to keep the streets clear and public works staff safe.

The town confirmed that in addition to the 15, $120 tickets they issued under Bylaw 2015-05 on Monday, Feb. 22, five more vehicles were towed, which comes with a $200 bill — if a vehicle isn’t claimed the same day from impound there’s an additional charge. In a release the town notes that if a tow truck is called and the owner comes to moves that vehicle, they will still have to pay $105 to unhook the vehicle. 

Town crews will continue to clear roads Tuesday, Feb. 23, and Wednesday, Feb. 24, with town and Westlock County peace officers assisting in the process if needed — see the accompanying map for the streets being plowed those days. For all updated plow locations and dates, visit the town’s website.