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Snow removal crews continue work tomorrow

Town of Westlock reminds residents to be aware of no-parking signs posted in their areas
wes- snow removal Jan. 12

WESTLOCK – As temperatures rise into the single digits, the Town of Westlock is resuming snow removal Jan. 12.

After the mercury dipped well below –30 C for several days last week, the town put snow removal on ice until things started to warm up. Now that Jack Frost’s icy grip is loosening, crews are hitting the streets once again in milder temperatures.

Crews are slated to begin their Wednesday work on: 109th Street from 97th Avenue to 99th Avenue in Whisselville; the 96th Street cul-de-sac; 95th Street cul-de-sac; 98th A Avenue cul-de-sac; 99thA Avenue from 97th Street to 100th Avenue; 107thA Avenue from 104th Street to 103rd Street around to 105th Avenue; 101st Street from 107th Avenue to 108th Avenue; 107th Street from 106thA Avenue to 108th Avenue; the 108th Street cul-de-sac; 108thA Avenue around to 109th Avenue; 104th Street from 110th Avenue to 111th Avenue and; 110thA Avenue in Aspendale.

The town is reminding residents to watch for snow removal signs posted on the roads listed above and to obey all no-parking signs. Parking tickets start at $120 and additional costs range from $150-250 for towing expenses.