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Trailer burns south of Pickardville

Large propane tank at the scene caused concerns for crews
WES - pville Fire 2
Westlock County firefighters from Busby and Pickardville responded to a trailer fire Nov. 25 south east of Pickardville. When they arrived on scene, the trailer was fully engulfed in flames and black smoke billowed into the sky. A large propane tank was positioned beside the trailer, which fire crews took extra care to keep cool and prevent an explosion. After a 90-minute battle, the fire was extinguished. No injuries were reported. Spencer Kemp-Boulet/WN

WESTLOCK – A holiday trailer burned to the ground Thursday afternoon on a rural property near Pickardville.

Westlock county fire crews from Pickardville and Busby attended the scene Nov. 25 at around 2:50 p.m. where they found the trailer engulfed in flames with a large propane tank sitting next to the blaze.

Crews immediately went to work dousing the fire and keeping the propane tank cool to prevent an explosion, something Pickardville fire chief Ken Moon says is part of their training.

While a crisis was averted by keeping the tank from combusting, the trailer could not be saved in the 90-minute battle.

“They can go up so fast, unless you’re right there with the truck and the water you can’t save it,” said Moon.

No injuries were reported and the fire did not spread to any nearby structures. Three firefighters from Busby attended the scene alongside two from Pickardville.

“Our firefighters did an amazing job,” Moon concluded.

Spencer Kemp-Boulet,

Spencer Kemp-Boulet

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