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Westlock Community Foundation gets $50K donation

Money will be added to $8 million from the Miller estate
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The Westlock Community Foundation received a $50,000 donation on May 5, from Brandi Wolff of Royal Lepage Town and Country Realty, front right, centre and Clayton Dubnyk of Team Auctions, front left, centre. The donation will be added to the initial $8 million provided by Albert and Florence Miller, which was used to establish the foundation. Task force members are from left are mayor Ralph Leriger, Brian Trueblood, Laura Morie, Randy Wold, Simone Wiley, Debbie McCoy, Jim Lawrence and Wayne Peyre, chair of the task force. Missing from the photo were task force members Clem Fagnan and Sarah Hayward.

WESTLOCK – In what is hoped to be the first of many contributions, local businesses, Royal Lepage Town and Country Realty and Team Auctions have donated $50,000 to the Westlock Community Foundation.  

“It creates the opportunity for others to follow the example,” said mayor Ralph Leriger. “We felt like we could grow this fund and really make a difference in our community.”

The donation was made by Brandi Wolff and Clayton Dubnyk in a presentation to the foundation task force May 5. Together, the two companies managed the $8 million sale of the Miller's land, which led to the formation of the Westlock Community Foundation.

“It was a true honour to be chosen to sell the Miller land. We are proud to be making this donation to the foundation as we are committed to the success of our community,” said Wolff.

The $50,000 will be added to the initial funds provided by Albert and Florence Miller to build a core asset base that can be invested into the community’s needs in concert with other organizations, to make a positive impact, and in doing so will help fulfill the foundation’s purpose of inspiring people, strengthening community and impacting the future.

“This generous donation from Brandi Wolff and Team Auctions is an initial vote of confidence in what the foundation stands for and what we are trying to achieve,” said foundation task force chair Wayne Peyre. “The foundation is a unique vehicle to invest in the long-term future and prosperity of the Westlock region in concert with the existing community organizations that already do so much.”

Leriger added: “Council’s vision was that the community foundation created the perfect opportunity for others to follow in Albert and Florence Miller’s footsteps, building community. This is a perfect example of that.”

Since September 2021, the Westlock Community Foundation Task Force has been working behind the scenes putting the necessary building blocks in place to begin operations and moving forward. At present, the foundation’s structure, purpose, core values and initial strategy are under development and a not-for-profit corporation has been created. It is in the process of applying for charitable status for tax purposes.  

The foundation’s strategic focus is centered on five key drivers including a focus on legacy gifts to continue to build the foundation; an intent to invest in our community both directly and through partnerships with other existing organizations; a focus on the Westlock region and what it’s needs are; the ability to help with projects of long and enduring benefit; and a dedication to the goal of making our community a better place for its citizens.

Kristine Jean,