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Westlock RCMP looks for public input

No in-person town hall meeting due to COVID-19
NEW westlock RCMP detachment
The Westlock RCMP is looking for input from the public regarding policing issues and have restricted their campaign to mail and e-mail-only.

WESTLOCK - The Westlock RCMP Detachment is looking for public input into policing issues, but they’re restringing their campaign to mail and e-mail-only.

“It’s a way for us to communicate what we’re doing and in the response part of it, and also to hear from the community what they feel is necessary, what they’d like to see,” said Staff Sgt. Al Baird.

As far as policing issues go, Baird said they’d like to hear about everything.

“I mean, a wide variety. What they see is either something that’s a hindrance or something they think we should do that they think we’re not doing or something that they’d like to see, or crime in their area,” said Baird. “It’s kind of a broad issue, that’s why it’s very broad that way — whatever they feel is an issue or concern with them.”

From Sept. 21 to Oct. 5, all comments, concerns, ideas, or remarks can be sent to the detachment directly either via e-mail at or by mail at Westlock RCMP, 10807 104 Ave., Westlock, T7P 1B3.

In late October, Baird will publish his review of the correspondence.

This method is meant to replace the town hall setting in which residents met the local Mountie boss along with Athabasca-Barrhead-Westlock MLA Glenn van Dijken last year.

“That’s something that our commanding officers like to see, is to engage the communities we’re in and such to see. Each community has its own unique set of circumstances,” said Baird.

So it’s about distinguishing what the areas they cover have in common, but also what distinguishes them; it’s not a “one size fit all type of solution,” he said.

“So we look at, for us here, we don’t have 24-hour policing so what is it that people are concerned about? Maybe they voice a concern about that. It’s just a way of communicating to the people what we’re doing and also getting feedback to hear what they’re saying so we can say ‘We didn’t know about that,’ or ‘Oh, yeah, we knew about that.’”

Andreea Resmerita,
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