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Easy Ways to Maximize Your RV Storage

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are great! They are your home away from, enabling you to hit the road or enjoy nature without having to constantly pack and unpack a suitcase.
1A-Alberta RV Maximize RV Storage
Sabrina B. from Pixabay

You also have the advantage of your own little kitchen, so healthy meals, and who are we kidding… keeping that eating-out budget down too… means more money and energy for adventures during your vacation. The drawback? With an entire family in one trailer, space is at a premium. The trick is to maximize the space you have. Here’s how.

The kitchen

Packs of disposal dishes take up a lot of space. Use the real thing instead. Sporting goods stores sell dishes and cutlery specific for campers, including flatware that can be tucked into space-saving pouches, and reusable dishes that stack or nest.

Add a tray of sliding shelves into an open cabinet to double or even triple the useable space. No need to have them custom installed. Find a small, portable bin-style unit at your local craft store, secure it to the back of the cabinet, and use cords or bungies to keep the bins from sliding open as you drive.

Vertical spaces

A hanging fruit basket can double as a place for keys, cell phones, and chargers.

Hooks on the wall by the door keep jackets off the floor, and a tiered shoe rack keeps you from tripping over footwear.

Use magnets to hold paper documents (permits, park passes) on metal surfaces, and removable suction cups to create hanging areas in the shower for wet swimwear.

Clip holders designed to snap around cylinders can hold your broom, mop and small flashlights.

1B-Alberta RV Maximize RV StorageHans Beaxmeier from Pixabay

The sleeping spaces

Forget night tables! You don’t have room for that. Instead, mount a mesh office folder rack by each bed to give each person a bin for their book, phone, book light, etc. Again, the use of vertical space is key.

You don’t need to be in a tent to take advantage of sleeping bags. A nice, warm bag that can be rolled up during the day replaces the mattress cover, fitted sheet, and flat sheet. A comfy cushion instead of a pillow and pillowcase can double as a soft seat at the picnic table.

The bathroom

A dispenser attached to the shower wall keeps bulk storage of body wash, shampoo and conditioner. One unit can replace all your bottles of product while keeping the bathroom tidy.

Consider a laundry bag instead of a basket. A soft bag can be hung over the back of the bathroom door, instead of a basket taking up precious space.

Small racks, like what you would find for spices or crafts, can be mounted on the wall to hold and organize hair clips, toothpaste, and other toiletries.

Don’t let the thought of being overwhelmed in “stuff” deter you from an RV trip. With a few simple and inexpensive tweaks, you can quickly organize and maximize space in every area of your RV.


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