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Five Aftermarket Parts to Make Your RV Adventure Even Better

Before you head out in your RV this summer, take a look at these aftermarket parts that will elevate your experience.
3A-RV Lifestyle Five Aftermarket Parts to Make Your RV Adventure Even Better
TitusStaunton from Pixabay

It’s no secret why Alberta boasts one of the highest RV ownership rates in Canada. This pandemic-safe activity is perfect for people of all ages. Not only do you not need to pack and unpack multiple times during an extended trip, you are assured of having your own, private place to stay and eat without worrying about booking hotel rooms and restaurants at the height of vacation season.

RV camping can be very cost-effective too – making your own meals is cheaper and healthier and let’s face it, also tastes better when done over the campfire!

As great as RVing is, there are a few ways to make it even better. Aftermarket parts allow you to customize your RV adventure, letting you focus on the parts you love the most, be it towing a trailer of ATVs or going green by maximizing solar energy.

Here are five aftermarket parts to consider.

  1. A Yamaha Generator

Yamaha lives up to its “Power on Demand” catchphrase with a full lineup of inverter, premium, and diesel generators. With Yamaha’s signature quality on board, you get the power you need, when you need it. That extra power makes your RV trip safer and more comfortable. Learn more on Yamaha’s website.

  1. A Canyon Cooler

Hard coolers, soft coolers and drinkware made by Canyon are in demand for RV enthusiasts. Whether you need a large cooler to keep family meals fresh, or a rugged cooler for fishing on the lake, Canyon has what you need. The brand calls its hard and soft coolers “SPF 100 for your ice” due to their ability to outperform other models in ice tests. Further attention to detail is seen in the square design with flush sides, ensuring the cooler fits perfectly into your RV with no wasted space.

  1. Go Power!® Portable Solar

Clean, efficient, and green, the Go Power!® lineup of portable solar kits lets you take 90-200 watts of power with you wherever you go. The lightweight kits are designed for convenience; extras like kickstands and handles are on some models. Go Power!® is suitable for your RV, boat, and ATV, depending on the size or kit you choose.

  1. Blue Ox Tow Bars

Take your toys with you whether it’s a Jeep for rugged off-roading, a boat, or an ATV. With Blue Ox Tow Bars you have a choice from among 1,000 tow bars and baseplates. In addition to RV and vehicle mounted bars, you can also depend on Blue Ox for tow wiring, braking systems, accessories and parts.

  1. Kuma Outdoor Chair

The best part of camping in your RV is relaxing outdoors, and what better way to achieve this than in a comfortable chair from Kuma? Not only does this brand carry outdoors and foldable lazy, tripod, and rocker chairs, you can pick up a raised dog bed, wood themed throw pillows or – for the ultimate indulgence – one of their heated chairs.


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