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Here's How to Have a Mosquito & Wasp-Free Summer at Your Campsite

If you're excited about camping but not excited about the presence of mosquitoes or wasps, this article should help. Here are some tips to keep those pests off your campsite.
Keep wasps and other annoying insects away with some tried and tested remedies.

We know it's not summer yet, but it's time to start those plans, especially if you plan to go to popular campsites. So, let's talk about how to keep the bugs out of your summer itinerary.

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than pesky mosquitos and aggressive wasps. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to keep these pests at bay and enjoy a mosquito and wasp-free camping experience. Whether camping in an RV or trailer, here are some tips to help you keep the bugs at bay.

Wear Light-Coloured Clothing

Mosquitos are attracted to dark colours, so wearing light-coloured clothing can help keep them away. Wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants is also a good idea to provide additional protection.

Use Bug Spray

Bug spray is a camping essential, and it's important to choose a formula that is effective against mosquitos and wasps. If you need something that's pretty heavy-duty, look for a product that contains DEET or picaridin, which are effective at repelling mosquitos and other flying insects.

Scrap the Standing Water

Mosquitos breed in standing water, so it's important to eliminate any sources of standing water around your campsite. This can include emptying buckets, turning over containers, and even levelling out the ground to prevent water from pooling.

Use Citronella Candles or Torches

Citronella is a natural insect repellent that can help keep mosquitos and wasps at bay. Consider using citronella candles or torches around your campsite to create a barrier of protection. There are tons of options on the market, even some that are more on the trendy side.

Hang Wasp Traps

If wasps are a problem in your area, consider hanging wasp traps around your campsite. These traps use a sweet liquid to lure wasps inside, where they become trapped and die. Though, you'll want to be sure you consider the wildlife in the area. If you're camping in bear country, for example, you'll want to avoid leaving fragrant things like these outside your camper.

Keep Food and Drinks Covered

Wasps are attracted to sweet and sugary substances, so it's important to always keep food and drinks covered. Consider using coolers or placing food in sealed containers to prevent wasps from being attracted to your campsite.

Use Screen Doors and Windows

If you're camping in an RV or trailer, make sure all screen doors and windows are in good condition and kept closed at all times. This can help prevent mosquitos and wasps from entering your living space.

Keep Garbage Sealed

Garbage can attract both mosquitos and wasps, so it's important to keep all garbage sealed in airtight containers. Consider using a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid to prevent insects from getting inside. This is good practice for camping, regardless if there's a bug problem. Garbage attracts animals and other unwanted visitors, so best to keep it sealed up.

Use Fans

Mosquitos and wasps are not strong flyers, so using fans around your campsite can help keep them away. Consider bringing a portable fan or using a ceiling fan in your RV or trailer.

Avoid Strong Fragrances

Strong fragrances like perfume or scented lotions can attract mosquitos and other flying insects. Avoid using these products when camping to help keep bugs at bay.

There are many steps you can take to enjoy a mosquito and wasp-free camping experience. By following these tips, you can keep these pesky insects at bay and enjoy a stress-free summer camping trip. Happy camping!

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