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Our 2021 RV Camping Predictions

As COVID numbers trend down and vaccinations ramp up, we are all looking forward to returning to normal – but what is normal? Across Canada rates of infection vary, as do the restrictions; not to mention restrictions change frequently.
4A-RV Predictions
Steve Adcock from Pixabay

With more ability to get out of the house, but with cautions still necessary, we have some predictions for the 2021 RV camping season.

It’s going to be busy – really busy

RVing is one of the safest pandemic activities for travellers. You can bring your own food and avoid hotels while still getting out and having a vacation. You can even sidestep common attractions since there is plenty of fun to be had lakeside or on the trails. When among other campers, roomy lots and the great outdoors make social distancing easy. We predict that families will embrace RV camping in 2021 so they can have a vacation while staying safe.

Campground space will be at a premium

With the anticipated rush of RVers hitting the road this spring, we believe campgrounds are going to fill up – fast. It’s not just families on vacation, but couples shifting their weddings from venues to the outdoors, and families getting together for long-awaited reunions. We don’t recommend taking any chances this season. Call ahead and reserve your spot.

4B-RV Predictions12222786 from Pixabay

Rentals will be in demand

Seasoned campers like having their own unit but for those vacationing for a short period or just joining the RV lifestyle, rentals are the way to go. Your rental site of choice should have their sanitization protocols listed on their website. This is important to reduce the risk of cross-contamination during what we expect to be a very, very busy season for the RV rental market. You may want to start calling around now if you are hoping to secure a trailer this spring or summer.

People will fall in love with the lifestyle

Not having to pack and unpack, handle tired children on long flights, or spend hundreds in restaurants is appealing right now for Alberta’s COVID-weary families. An RV vacation removes the stress and doubles down on the fun – for less! We are so used to jetting off to Mexico or the coast, and there is nothing wrong with that. But with fewer options this season, the appeal of the RV vacation is bringing those that never considered it before into the fold. Once many try it, they are hooked. Our final prediction? For years to come even more Albertans will be hitting the road in an RV, enjoying all the beautiful things our bountiful province has to offer.


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