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Country Comfort Cabins & RV: An Experience as Unique as You!

Looking for a peaceful, nature-filled getaway that is close to home and affordable but makes you feel like you are on vacation? If so, you need Country Comfort Cabins & RV.

This family owned and operated campground provides fully stocked cabins (simply bring your food, bedding, and personal items) along with private RV and tent sites. A group area for family or event campouts is also available. Sites are not powered but comfort is assured thanks to a main wash house with plumbing, showers, outlets for charging devices and even air conditioning. The cabins are lit with solar power and provided with potable water. All that is needed is… you!

Owner, operator Bryanna McKay helps ensure each guest’s stay is memorable.

“I got to a point where my stress at a job was just too much. I also knew that so many other people were in the same boat. I’ve always wanted to own land, so the ideas started to form on how I can own land and work it to the benefit of myself and others,” says McKay about why she launched Country Comfort. “The campground idea took shape but the concern I had was also for the people who do not own a motorhome, tent, or cabin and do not want the expense or work that goes into owning or maintaining those items. How do I get those people out of the city for a nature break? I wanted something where people could pack a minimal number of items or buy very little outside of items they already have. So, the idea of campground focused more on off grid, low impact, fully kitted cabins was born.”

McKay and her family bought raw land in 2018 and started to build. They were interrupted by the agricultural disaster (due to heavy rainfall) of 2019, and further delayed by another bad construction year plus the onset of the pandemic. They persevered and by the fall of 2020, three cabins and nine RV sites were ready to go. Additional construction and sites soon followed, bringing the cabin count up to seven.

“Feedback from our guests has been very interesting,” smiles McKay. “Most praise the large sites, mature trees, and the natural environment. They love being able to disconnect for a few days. One of the biggest compliments we get is that the guests really enjoy our family and the friendly atmosphere we have built.”

She continues, “Our campground is situated on 70 acres so there is room to keep the sites spaced out enough to allow privacy, but we have also strategically placed the RV sites so that if your friends/family do not have an RV they can rent a cabin across from an RV site, close enough for the group to camp together.”

McKay is very grateful for those that helped this dream come true.

“This whole project could not be possible without the support of my family, partner, parents, my son and his family, brother and sister-in-law, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends that have all stepped up and provided countless construction hours, materials, design ideas, meals, and more. My parents live onsite in their RV from early spring to late fall so they can help with projects. They have embraced my vision and I could never express my gratitude enough for all that everyone has done.”

Country Comfort is a “best kept secret” for now, but only because not many people know about this treasure. You’ll want to book your spot today; camping has become a very active pastime during the pandemic and prime spots book up fast. So, don’t hesitate! Learn more online and book now located at 2325 Twp 572 County of Barrhead. Be sure to follow the campground’s events and further development by following on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.