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Letter from AMI Silica’s Chief Operating Officer to the community of Athabasca

I would like to take this opportunity to update the community on recent advancements to AMI Silica Inc’s Prosvita Sand Project (formerly the Duvernay Sand Project).

In late 2019 AMI Silica hosted an Open House.  We introduced our Sand Project to the community and provided an opportunity for feedback from local residents. Based on this feedback, the Prosvita Sand Project has undergone a major change, most notably with regard to its proposed location. Originally, the proposed project site was approximately eight kilometres south-east of the town of Athabasca.  

The new proposed location of the site is within the Spruce Valley industrial district, approximately 25 kilometres north-east of the Town of Athabasca, near the Alberta Pacific Forest Products pulp mill. This allows the Project to be located further away from town in an area that is already zoned for industrial activities. Additional benefits of the Prosvita Sand Project include:

  • Job creation and investment in the local economy: the Project will employ more than 40 full-time personnel when fully operational, more than 100 employees and contractors during construction, and will require goods and services from local contractors and suppliers. AMI Silica is committed to hiring and sourcing locally. 
  • An Alberta-made solution to support the needs of the Western Canadian economy: sand is a critical resource to the energy and construction sectors in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and B.C., much of which is currently imported from the U.S. The Prosvita Project offers a domestic solution to supply high-quality, local sand and brings community and provincial benefits that are not otherwise created with imported product. 
  • Design & Operating Features: enhanced water recovery and recycling; advanced dust suppression and control; daily environmental monitoring, including air, low noise, and water quality; reduced truck traffic with rail access; low-impact surface excavation with progressive and ongoing reclamation. 

AMI Silica is committed to meet, or exceed all requirements of municipal, provincial, and federal acts, policies, and regulations. In late June we commenced with the regulatory process by submitting our application for the Prosvita Sand Project to Alberta Environment and Parks.

AMI Silica will host a series of community meetings commencing mid-August. These meetings will be open to all stakeholders and offered in smaller group settings for health and safety purposes as we come out of Covid-19 restrictions. If you would like to participate, please email with your name and contact information.  We will ensure that interested participants receive the required information to attend.

We look forward to being an active, responsible, and supportive member of the Athabasca community. 


Dana Archibald