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Lolly Pop Thrift Shop: Come Find Your Treasure!

SPONSORED CONTENT – A small shop with a big heart, Lolly Pop Thrift Shop was founded by Sherrie Breese and her husband. In a short space of time, this shop has become a beloved fixture in the community, offering an ever-changing array of second-hand items and a warm, welcoming environment for bargain hunters and casual shoppers alike.

"We decided to start a business to help families, and as a way to assist children's clubs, groups organizations, events, and activities through donations and sponsorships,” says Breese, reflecting on how this journey began. “Another special aspect is, children are invited to choose a book for free at each visit.”

After working at a second-hand store and thoroughly enjoying the experience, she and her husband saw an opportunity to continue their passion while also contributing to their community.

Lolly Pop Thrift Shop is more than just a place to find a good deal. It's a vibrant space filled with variety and surprises, where each visit promises something new.

"There is always something different to see and people to talk to. The unending variety is what I love about what we do," smiles Breese.

The real secret to finding treasures at Lolly Pop is persistence.

"Shop early and shop often!" Breese advises. "Things change every day. People who come regularly get to see the newest items."

Some other tips for thrifting include:

  • Be Patient: It can take time to sift through racks and shelves, but that's part of the thrill of the hunt. Don't rush. Just take your time and have fun!
  • Try Things On if Possible: Sizes can vary greatly, especially in clothing. Be aware of this before buying.
  • Think Outside the Box: Items can be repurposed or upcycled. A piece of furniture might just need a new coat of paint, or a dress could be turned into a skirt.
  • Know the Store's Policies: Some thrift stores have sales or discount days. Others might have a no-return policy. It's always good to know these things before making a purchase.
  • Donate as You Go: Keep the cycle going. As you find new items, consider donating things you no longer use.

Lolly Pop operates primarily on donations.

"When we started, we were going to source and sell our own items. But people started to donate and that has never stopped," Breese explains. This constant influx of donated items keeps the inventory fresh and diverse, attracting new and returning customers.

Breese sees herself not just as a store owner, but as an "item matchmaker," helping to find new homes for pre-loved items.

"Items had value to their previous owners, so we help them find a new owner to love," she says. “I call this our adoption process, where items ranging from fine carvings to plush toys wait for their new homes!”

Perhaps the most rewarding part of running Lolly Pop Thrift Shop for Breese is seeing the joy on customers' faces when they find something they love at a price that's right for them.

"It's fun to see faces light up," she says. “The thrift shop provides a way for families to stretch their dollars and offers a place for them to donate items they no longer need.”

Lolly Pop Thrift Shop bridges donors and shoppers in a cycle of giving and receiving that benefits both individuals and the community. Through this thriving second-hand store, Breese and her husband have created a space that not only helps people find great bargains, but also fosters connections and contributes to a more sustainable environment. Learn more on Facebook.

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