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Pidsadowski’s I.D.A. Pharmacy
Part of Your Community

We are part of your community and we are here to help. Our personalized service includes sitting down and discussing your questions or concerns

As Pidsadowski’s I.D.A. Pharmacy comes up on its 10th year in business, owner Rilayna Pidsadowski reflects on the journey.

“This was an existing pharmacy,” she says. “I was lucky enough to purchase and renovate it. It was the opportunity I was seeking. After working for other pharmacies and for the hospital, having better work/life balance was appealing so I could spend time with my family, which includes four children.”

Within a year of the purchase Rilayna revised the look, enlarged the space, and increased the staff.

“We have grown in business and are pleased to also work with Smithfield Lodge under contract,” she adds. “During COVID we worked hard with the vaccine rollout to help ensure vaccinations in a timely and efficient manner.”

Services at Pidsadowski’s I.D.A. Pharmacy still include COVID vaccines among other injections like the flu shot. They also offer medication reviews, smoking cessation counselling, compressed stockings fittings, diabetic testing and monitoring, customized packaging for medications, and more. The pharmacy is geared to be welcoming and easy to navigate for all, including families and seniors.

“We are committed to your health and wellness,” Rilayna continues. “We are part of your community and we are here to help. Our personalized service includes sitting down and discussing your questions or concerns. As caring professionals, we go above and beyond to be friendly, approachable, inclusive, and efficient. We pride ourselves on being able to often greet patients by name and keep track of how their family is doing. We want you to be comfortable and willing to open up about your questions, rather than just getting passed a bag of medication. We are here and we care.”

Those wondering about moving their information from one pharmacy to another should know that it is a quick and easy process. Whether you are moving in from out of town or want to work with Pidsadowski’s instead of another location, Rilayna assures that file transfers can be handled with ease, so there is no need to put off making the change. Simply come in to discuss this and they will handle the process.

“People don’t always understand the extent of what a pharmacy can do,” she continues. “We can help you navigate the complex healthcare system and even assess minor ailments. We have the time and desire to get to know you and to talk with you so we can be a part of your healthcare team.”

There is, in fact, a growing appreciation for independent and community pharmacies, with many reasons cited for why people choose to visit them.

  1. Family-like Culture: Independent pharmacies often foster a warm and welcoming environment, making you feel like part of a family.
  2. Personalized Medicine: Independent pharmacies can offer personalized medicine, catering to your individual health needs.
  3. Short Wait Times: Compared to larger chains, independent pharmacies typically have shorter wait times.
  4. Health Advice: Community pharmacies are also places where people go to get medical advice.
  5. Complementary Services: Local pharmacies offer a variety of complementary services to address your whole health.
  6. Trust: More than half of patients would visit a retail pharmacy first for medical issues, showing the level of trust in these institutions.

As Women’s International Month gets underway, Rilayna is happy to share her advice with other, and aspiring, female entrepreneurs.

“It is worthwhile being your own boss! You must be organized; if you can do that, you can find that work/life balance. Also, I’ve been very lucky to have a wonderful team working with me. Surround yourself with those positive, hardworking people and that will really help.”

When you are not seeing Rilayna in the pharmacy, you will see her and her family and team members out and active in the community, coaching sports, volunteering, and engaging in town life. Pidsadowski Pharmacy is part of your community. Join them in celebrating 10 years today and drop by to discover all they have to offer.

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