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SCARS – Changing Lives through Animal Rescue

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) is a non-profit organization that takes in unwanted pets, or pets that are selected for euthanasia.

The organization collects pets from individuals, picks up strays and abandoned animals, and also collects from pounds and veterinary clinics. Each animal is assessed and cared for by a veterinarian and provided with the medication or rehabilitation it needs. SCARS re-homes more than 1,400 pets every year.

In addition to animal rescue, SCARS helps prevent animal overpopulation, especially in rural areas where pet services are not as accessible. SCARS’ spay-neuter-return (SNR) program has many benefits for both the animals and the community. The animals in the SNR program are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and given time at the clinic to recover. Then, the animal is returned to its home. By preventing unwanted litters, animal dumping incidents are also reduced. Further, preventing dumped strays from overpopulating helps keep communities – and the animals within them – safer.

SCARS also runs a Walls 4 Winter program, which provides insulated pet shelters and straw to rural community residents so a warm outdoor shelter can be provided for their pets. Walls 4 Winter includes the SNR program.

If that isn’t enough evidence of the power of SCARS, check out the rescue stories page on their website, where the care and love of what they do shines through – even when the story doesn’t have a happy ending. While some animals go on to find loving homes, others come to SCARS with illnesses or accident damage that cannot be overcome. In these instances, SCARS provides loving care, pain management, and support for the animal until it can run free over the rainbow bridge. Also on the website, accessible from the home page, is a section called Look At Me Now where you can see heartwarming updates of adopted pets.

There are many benefits to adopting a pet from SCARS. In addition to changing the pet’s life for the better, the new owner benefits from an animal that has been properly assessed by a veterinarian, has been cared for by a loving foster home, and can be returned to SCARS for any reason. Pets are also very good for your mental health. They offer companionship and require daily exercise (yes, even cats) which encourages the owner to get up and be more active. Children learn responsibility, structure, and empathy when nurturing a pet. Adults find their loneliness or anxiety eased by caring for a pet that reciprocates their love. There are benefits for the whole community, too, when you adopt a pet. Every time an animal leaves the rescue, there is room for one more. Animal rescues can reach capacity; adoptions allow more needed rescues to take place. The simple act of adopting a pet benefits the animal, you, the rescue, and the community – and the benefits are felt for years.

As a registered charity, SCARS relies on volunteers, memberships, donations, grants, and fundraisers. There are many ways you can help. The SCARS website has a list of much needed items you can donate, such as clumping cat litter, baby gates, and cat food. You can purchase or gift a membership that provides you with a cute SCARS calendar and networking opportunities to help people find homes for animals in need. If you choose to foster an animal for SCARS, the organization will provide you with support, pet food and supplies, and will cover the vet bills. Volunteers are always needed.

A unique way to support SCARS is to sponsor an adoptable animal or purchase an ad on their website. With about 30,000 monthly page visits, ads generate a lot of traction. Visit SCARS’ How You Can Help page on their website to learn about this and other opportunities.

SCARS is a great, local organization that saves animals and helps families find fur-ever friends. Their work changes lives and communities. To adopt or foster a pet, and to learn more, visit today.
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