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Tracker’s Pet Supply Launches a Paws-itively Exciting Fundraiser

End of Our Rope is a fun event based around making dogs look and feel their best – while providing some fun for dog owners as well.

Athabasca County Fire Services looks after seven volunteer departments, one of which is Colinton Fire Rescue. This department services not only the hamlet of Colinton, but also parts of Divisions 1, 2, and 3 in the county, and road rescue along parts of Hwy 2. Currently, Colinton Fire Rescue needs a new fire truck, and one of the region’s small business owners is stepping up to help.

“It came to my attention in late August that the Colinton Fire Department was looking to replace its truck,” says Steve Splinter, owner of Tracker’s Pet Supply, an independent store servicing Athabasca, Boyle, Smith, and Calling Lake. “I was planning a back-to-school or other such event for the fall, and thought turning it into an awareness and fundraising drive for Colinton Fire Rescue would be a better way to do things. By helping Colinton Fire Department with their endeavour, the hope is that more people will become aware of their need and help out. This is how the End of Our Rope event was born.”

End of Our Rope is a fun event based around making dogs look and feel their best – while providing some fun for dog owners as well.

Steve explains, “People are really at the ‘end of their rope’ with kids being home all the time, pets being bored, and generally the stress of the past year. Let’s have some fun by getting our dogs washed and give them a party to attend to help a great community service!”

It all starts on September 11 with a dog wash.

“Members of the Colinton Fire Department will be at the store to wash dogs, making them look great. Please bring your dog down for a bath/blowout/brush out. If volunteers would like to come down and help out, that would be great too! Get in touch for details on volunteering,” says Steve.

“Also, starting on Saturday, our sale of End of the Rope items will begin. We have a huge rope display coming in along with a selection of foods, toys, harnesses, and accessories for sale on a ‘pay what you want’ system. The proceeds will be donated to the cause. Minghos Food Truck has offered to park at the store, providing their great cuisine. A portion of their proceeds will be donated as well.”

The fun continues on September 17… because why should only humans enjoy the rush of back to school?

“Pre-register your dog for our own Back to School Bash!” says Steve. “This event comes complete with doggy report cards, photos, and even a ‘school snack.’ Your pup will have fun and games from 9 am to pickup at 4:30 pm. Drop off starts as early as 7:30 am.”

The Back to School Bash is $25/dog with $5 from each spot booked going to the fundraiser.

Be sure to come out to the events and register your dog for the Back to School Bash. You and your pooch will have fun while supporting a great, life-saving cause.

“Athabasca is a very supportive community. When people get involved, they really pull together.  This is a great cause that can help a lot of people and I believe that the community can get behind this one and get it done!” concludes Steve.

To learn more, contact Steve at Tracker's Pet Supply, and stay tuned to the Colinton Fire Rescue’s Facebook page.