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Wild Rose Shares Safety Tips for Power Outages

SPONSORED CONTENT – Safety is a top priority for Wild Rose and as such, it provides information to the general public, such as how to handle power outages.

Established in 1947, Wild Rose is a not-for-profit local cooperative that is dedicated to the provision of safe and reliable power at the most affordable rates for its members. This commitment has seen members save an impressive $3.83 million in 2023 alone when compared to the charges imposed by investor-owned utilities. Wild Rose's impact extends beyond just savings. The cooperative is also deeply invested in the future of its communities. Over 80 Rural Roots Awards have been granted to clubs and organizations in the Barrhead and Westlock areas, and more than 75 scholarships have been awarded to children of members in the same regions.

Safety is a top priority for Wild Rose and as such, it provides information to the general public, such as how to handle power outages.

There are two types of power outages you might experience: planned power outages (PPO) and unplanned power outages.

PPOs are part of Wild Rose's commitment to improving service by conducting regular maintenance and upgrades. This proactive approach helps to prevent unexpected outages. Members are typically notified at least two days in advance of any planned outage.

Unplanned power outages, on the other hand, can be caused by a variety of factors. Weather conditions like lightning, wind, freezing rain, snow, and forest fires can trigger an outage. Interactions with animals such as squirrels, birds, or even beavers can also cause disruptions. Also, human interference, due to high load movements, motor vehicle accidents, or excavation activities, can result in power outages. For unplanned outages, Wild Rose prides itself on its swift response times, which are among the fastest in the province.

However, some situations may be beyond their control, especially when it comes to facilities not owned by Wild Rose. The cooperative operates in an intermingled service area along with other wire owners, whose response times may not match those of Wild Rose.

Concerned about an outage?  If you have not been informed about a PPO, the first thing you need to do is to check your breaker. Checking your breaker can be a simple task if you follow the right steps:

  1. Locate Your Breaker: The first step is to know where your breaker is. It's usually located at the transformer pole.
  2. Confirm the Breaker Position: First, check to make sure the breaker is in the on position. If the breaker is between the on and off positions or in the off position, you may be able to restore power by simply resetting your breaker.
  3. Call Wild Rose REA: If you have checked and reset your breaker and there is still no power, please contact the emergency line available 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week at 1-877-749-3655. Provide your name, legal land location and phone number you can be reached at.

Remember, safety first. Never touch breaker with wet hands or while standing in water and avoid making contact with any exposed wires.

Members are advised to check their breaker in the event of a power outage and contact Wild Rose if the power remains off. It's important never to assume that someone else will report the power outage, as it might be an isolated issue.

With a strong focus on safety and community, Wild Rose continues to serve its members while offering valuable savings and contributing to local economic development. Wild Rose cares about its members and the community. To learn more, visit their website today and contact them to see if you are eligible for member savings.

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