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Westlock man sentenced to four-month CSO for domestic assault

Kevin Piliszanski must also abide by several conditions during 14-month probation
WES provincial court

WESTLOCK — A Westlock man was recently ordered serve a four-month sentence within the community, to be followed by 14 months of probation, for a domestic assault that occurred last fall. 

At Westlock Court of Justice on May 1, Kevin Adam Piliszanski, 50, maintained his not guilty plea to assault causing bodily harm but pleaded guilty to a charge of assault. 

Justice Jordan Stuffco sentenced Piliszanski to a four-month conditional sentence order followed by 14 months of probation. A $100 victim surcharge was also imposed. 

During this time, he must abide by a number of conditions, such as attending any assessment, counselling or treatment as directed by probation, staying at an approved residence and having no contact with the complainant, which includes not attending her residence, place of employment, education or worship. 

This was in line with the joint submission from the Crown and defence. Crown prosecutor Matthew Kerr said a different sentence might have been sought had circumstances been different and the matter went to trial. 

“I spoke with the complainant. She indicated to me that this was a very traumatizing incident for her overall,” the Crown said.  

“She also expressed trepidation over having to testify, and as a result, this guilty plea is even more mitigating than it normally would be.” 

The defence had also noted that there were some triable issues that might have resulted in a different outcome. 

Facts of the case 

Kerr said that on Sept. 9, 2023, at approximately 10 p.m., Piliszanski and the complainant were at a residence in Westlock, where both were drinking. 

At some point in the evening, they had started arguing, and their fight eventually escalated to the point where Piliszanski left the residence. 

On his way out, he punched the glass in a door, which didn’t cause it to break but did result in a cut to his finger, Kerr said. 

Kerr said Piliszanski then climbed through the residence’s open window. He was confronted by the complainant and the argument resumed. 

Eventually, Piliszanski pushed the complainant against a bedroom wall and held her there with his forearm. 

Kerr said he then went out on the deck where the argument continued. At some point, the complainant locked the entrances to the house and called the RCMP. 

When the police arrived, they observed the complainant had fresh injuries to her neck, knees and lips. Piliszanski was later arrested without issue. 

Kerr noted that Piliszanski had a criminal record, and while it was fairly dated, it had some previous convictions related to violence or alcohol use. 

“(His record) would indicate to me that there is an alcohol issue underpinning this conduct," Kerr said. 

“It’s a treatable issue, so therefore rehabilitation is also important,” he said. 

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