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Cool Places to Travel if you Want to Eat Like a Foodie

You love food! If your interest is not only about trying new foods, but also includes your desire to travel and explore the food culture in different countries, you may just be a foodie!
Credit: Pixabay

Belgium Cuisine

This tiny country has been influenced by three of their neighbours: France, Germany, and The Netherlands, leading to a wonderful array of food styles.

Belgian fries (do not call them French fries!) use a two-step frying system and guarantees the perfect outer crunchiness as well as the inner softness. Many will use mayonnaise with their fries, not ketchup. Each year restaurants compete to see who serves the best fries.

Another must-try dish is moules-frites or mussels, cooked in white wine or in traditional Belgian Beer and served with a side of fries. These mussels are from the North Sea and are fleshier than those found in France. A wonderful snack, or meal!

Tastes of the Philippines

Filipinos love to celebrate. These are times for families and communities to get together to enjoy the company and to enjoy good food. There is generally a wide variety of dishes, including grilled meats, seafood, noodle dishes with vegetables, fruits and sweet desserts.

For special birthdays, weddings and even funerals you may find a crispy lechon – this is a pig that has been roasted over and open fire. It’s hot and crispy on the outside, flavourful and tender on the inside. Food is often served family style and to help yourself to lechon is a treat. 

Rice is a staple that is served with many meals. Try sinangag, which is garlic fried rice.

Spain’s Unique Dish

The preparation for food in Spain is as serious as Picasso was to his art. The foods are very satisfying, hearty and unique. One of Spain’s most famous dishes comes from the area of Valencia. This rice dish, known as paella, is a highly sought after meal.

The most traditional variations are made with rabbit, chicken or seafood. The meat is simmered slowly together with different beans, rice and herbs. Included with the spices is saffron, which gives this dish a bright yellow colour.

Travel and Eat!

When you are excited about food and the preparation of food, it may be time to travel to different countries and explore the cuisine. After all, “the world is your oyster!”

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