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Women’s Wellness Retreats for 2023

Exercise is important for health, but so is taking time off from exercising to learn and to relax. Practicing mindfulness and giving time for meditation and calmness is more than a trend.
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Women’s wellness retreats in 2023 promise to offer more than ever. This year’s trends are about the self and home. Alberta is already one of the most beautiful places for wellness and relaxation, and yes, you can get away by staying close to home!

After the recent pandemic, opportunities are opening up with a focus on healing physically and mentally. That is why 2023 is all about finding our limits, setting goals and sticking to the plan. For yourself, find a challenge and make it fun!  Dance like crazy, do yoga for healing and for awareness, celebrate your inner warrior and get in touch with yourself!

But 2023 is also about releasing stress, healing emotionally and recognizing limitations, while pushing beyond the comfort zone.

Places to Go in Alberta

Staying nearby for a vacation is a great idea. No one should have to return from holiday with more stress than they started out with. Taking time for yourself on a relaxing vacation is what everyone needs right now. We are still in recovery from the stresses of the pandemic and getting in touch with our own wellness matters. Alberta has so many beautiful places to get away and take some time for yourself no matter what the season.

Retreats offer relaxation, classes to learn to be more mindful and classes that are enjoyable to learn new activities. Wellness weekends let you take classes, join in activities and be pampered. Chateau Lake Louise, West Edmonton Mall and Jasper Park Lodge offer all this for families, groups, or individuals.

Emotional Healing

The Banff Rocky Mountain Resort offers wellness retreats in the spring and fall of 2023. Not only can you relax in one of the most beautiful places, but you can also take time for that much needed peace and focus on reconnecting with body, mind and soul. Here is the place to get back in touch with healing and learn transformation through yoga and dance, and see the benefits of targeted healing meditations.

Learning Weekends

Taking time for a break to learn something new and do something different is also what wellness is all about. Retreats offer classes on better sleep, offer examples of healthy and delicious meals and show how to prepare them, and show clear ways to reset and start over. Why not challenge yourself by trying something different?

Look for trends in 2023 to be about nurturing yourself and get ready for transformation. This year will be about finding new ways, focusing on new ideas and about taking back yourself.

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