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BREAKING: Stuart Fox-Robinson wins Division 6 following recount

Fox-Robinson beats Brian Schryver by three votes, 123-120
WES - Fox-Robinson DSC_1511
Stuart Fox-Robinson has claimed Division 6 in Westlock County by three votes over Brian Schryver. Following a recount, Fox-Robinson won the seat by a 123-120 vote.

WESTLOCK – Following a Tuesday-morning recount, Stuart Fox-Robinson has been declared the winner of Division 6 in Westlock County, besting Brian Schryver by three votes.

Following the recount, Fox-Robinson was credited with 123 votes, the same declared in the initial results, while Schryver’s total dropped to 120.

Fox-Robinson claimed seven votes at the two advance polls and 116 on election day, while Schryver collected five advance votes and 115 at the Oct. 18 poll — three less than was reported initially.