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Athabasca News

Off To The Races

The Smith-Hondo Fall Fair and Rodeo was a big hit last weekend. The chariot races attracted lots of fans as did the rodeo events.

Full text of Athabasca County's new kennel bylaw

A full text version of the controversial kennel bylaw passed by Athabasca County councillors at their meeting on August 25.
$100,000 needed for Boyle School extracurricular bus

$100,000 needed for Boyle School extracurricular bus

Boyle School is without an extracurricular bus. On the first day of school the bus failed to pass inspection and was put out of commission. With the volleyball season approaching, the teams currently have no means of transportation to away games.

Kennel bylaw passes, opponents weigh options

After Athabasca county council passed a controversial new kennel bylaw on August 25, effectively regulating all commercial facilities that house dogs, the opponents that voiced their concerns over what they see as “micro management” are weighing thei

Water line construction to start this week

The company assigned to design and build a water line stretching 88 kilometres between Boyle and Wandering River will start construction work this week.

Damage Done

A tractor trailer carrying a portable building rolled over just outside of Colinton last Wednesday morning. The accident happened on Highway 827 just south of Township Road 663. Parts of the highway were closed for seven hours. The driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

County passes kennel bylaw despite outcry

Athabasca County Council passed a proposed kennel bylaw nearly two years after the process began.

Traffic delays for the next two years

Traffic delays on Athabasca’s east hill on Highway 55 will continue for the next two years. The construction of a new intersection and bridge will have traffic backed up until it is complete in October 2013.

VIDEO: Athabasca's A&W hosts MS fundraiser

On August 25, 2011 Athabasca's A&W restaurant hosted a Cruisin' the Dub fundraiser for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Over 700 A&Ws participated nationwide to raise money for the cause.

VIDEO: Athabasca Mushroom Exhibit

Dr. Roland Treu, associate professor of biology at Athabasca University, explains which mushrooms are edible and which ones aren't. The main message of the evening was that if you are not 100 per cent certain a mushroom is edible, don't eat it.