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$1,000 donation to help youth get involved in golf

Barrhead Golf Club will be hosting Loreen Birnie Gummow Junior Golf Tournament in September
Gummow Jr Golf Donation (VM)
Kevin Lynes, the golf club professional at the Barrhead Golf Club, accepts a $1,000 donation from Dale Gummow on behalf of the Loreen Gummow Memorial Fund on June 17. Loreen was Dale’s wife and a member of the Barrhead Golf Club for many years. The purpose of the donation is to assist young golfers between the ages of six to 18 get involved in the sport by paying for green fees and lessons ahead of the Loreen Birnie Gummow Junior Golf Tournament being hosted at the golf club this September.

BARRHEAD — The Loreen Gummow Memorial Fund has donated $1,000 to the Barrhead Golf Club in order to help young golfers from the ages of six to 18 get involved in the sport by paying for their costs. 

The donation was presented to head golf professional Kevin Lynes on June 17 by Loreen’s husband Dale. 

This is the second donation made in Loreen’s memory to the Barrhead Golf Club, where she was a member for most of her life. 

The club will be hosting the Loreen Birnie Gummow Junior Golf Tournament this September, and the purpose of this donation was to provide financial assistance for any young would-be golfer wanting to try out the sport. 

The money will go towards the cost of lessons, junior green fees and basically anything else that will help young golfers get out on the course, Lynes said. 

“If there is a need for financial assistance to get a junior out golfing, this donation will help in this process.” 

Dale said his wife held high regard for helping young people in all sports, and golf was one of her passions. 

“Loreen believed that sport was essential in starting youth on a positive path in life and it contributed to a healthy balance in individual and family life,” he said. 

Lynes said the Barrhead Golf Club appreciated the fact that the Gummow family continues to honour Loreen’s passion for helping youth in sports. 

Those youth who are interested in taking up the sport can contact the club at (780) 674-3053 and book a lesson or a round of golf.

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