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Food Planning for Students

While pursuing their dreams of higher education students of all ages have, at one time or another, had to adjust what they spend on necessities – and food is one of them.
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Planning meals on a weekly basis can help a person limit spending on groceries. Organizing meals, a week at a time will also alleviate that “what’s for supper” stress on a daily basis. With so many food options available to us today, planning a vibrate, tasty meal is easier than ever.

Some of the old tried and tested budget-friendly meals like, grilled cheese and tomato soup, still play a role in our convenient and budget-conscious food plans. Everything from pasta, to rice and beans can be a help when trying to stay on budget for the school year. Meals that have Ramen noodles on the menu, have  become a rite of passage for any person studying for their future. Ramen noodles are versatile and can be used in variety of dishes, adding some flavor and substance while keeping us on budget. Stir fry is a great way to utilize ramen noodles with added vegetables; even frozen veggies can add nutrition without breaking the bank.

Eggs are a cheaper way to get protein into the diet and again can be added to a variety of ingredients to get a wide range of meals from one food item. Easily boiled to make them portable for a quick lunch or breakfast on the go, eggs are a handy and all-around nutritious snack or compliment to your quick meals. Don’t forget about making breakfast for dinner for a switch up in your routine. Pancakes for supper are a fun way to help make your mealtimes easy, low cost and add variety to your schedule.

Stove top mac and cheese is another easy recipe with low cost ingredients. With four simple ingredients you can make a batch of this delicious recipe and have some meals for a couple of days or freeze for use at a later date. Chili is another all-time family favorite and will go a long way if you have more than one mouth to feed.  This is another meal a person can make in large batches to freeze and use on a busy day or when they just don’t feel like making dinner.

Tortilla wraps are such a great way to wrap up any leftovers while adding some whole grain carbohydrates to the diet. With flavours like spinach and multigrain, we have the option of adding some of our personal preferences to a meal that will keep you on the move for quite a few hours.  Grilling or warming in the microwave depending on your preference, is an option.

Mini pizzas on bagels or English muffins is another quick and nutritious meal that can be consumed on any night of the week.  Adding some cheaper cuts of meat and cheese will boost your protein intake and help keep those hunger pains at bay.

When out shopping at the local food mart, be on the lookout for items on sale. With just a few tweaks to your meal plan and budget, you can make those study dollars go a long way.