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Looking to the Future, What Fields Will Be in Demand After COVID-19?

The economy and workplace are undergoing significant changes in Canada, and a post-COVID-19 future means many fields will see an increase in demand.
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As economic infrastructure, consumer habits, and employer perspectives shift during the pandemic, a variety of careers will see rises in demand, and in some cases, salary. A large number of employers will be seeking to rehire employees as their workplaces recover financially from COVID-19, consumers are changing habits in favour of limited physical contact, and many essential industries are in need of new workers now more than ever. Some fields of work which will be in high demand after COVID-19 include jobs in skilled trades, software engineering, healthcare, warehouse personnel, administration, personal fitness training, marketing, production leads, management, and more

There will be fields in demand for multiple education and experience levels, and those in essential jobs are likely to gain improvements in working conditions and salary. Jobs which suffered from a lack of new employees prior to COVID-19 will be in especially high demand after the pandemic. According to Reggie Caverson, executive director of Workplace Planning for Sudbury and Manitoulin, “The top trades in demand are heavy duty equipment technician, welders, millwrights and carpenters.” Healthcare workers were also increasing in demand prior to COVID-19, and the pandemic has greatly pressured this dire need for frontline workers, particularly in light of increased health awareness and concern from family members.

Additionally, as people favour limited contact jobs and services, there will be an increased demand for software engineering. With more of the population working remotely, using delivery rather than leaving the home, using contact tracing applications, and relying on digital entertainment services, those who have skills in software engineering will be required both for innovation and trouble-shooting.

Moreover, many people are becoming comfortable with undergoing their personal fitness activities at home, and it’s likely that fitness applications, personal trainers, and workout videos will gain popularity over physical gyms, which consumers have expressed anxiety about. Warehouse personnel will also be in demand following the COVID-19 pandemic, due in part to “panic-buying” and consumer trends toward direct, home-delivery, with large corporations such as Amazon already in need of thousands more workers.

Overall, the job landscape is shifting in favour of a variety of fields, and demand for employees is on the rise in trade industries, healthcare, fitness, inventory, software engineering, and much more. Surveys regarding new consumer trends and community needs continue to reveal influenced workplace demands and prospects, though many fields now in high demand had already experienced a deficit of workers prior to the pandemic. Many employees have lost jobs during the COVID-19 outbreak, and it is expected that these decreases of employment will also begin to improve after the pandemic lessens its impact, and many employees will be rehired to their previous jobs. Those employees who cannot return to their previous employment may experience support to enter in-demand fields, such as increased employer training for trade apprentices or increased hiring in essential retail jobs.

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