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Noise and parking issues

Coun. Dausen Kluin brings up residents concerns about loud vehicles and parking on Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive no parking sign copy
Town of Barrhead mayor Dave McKenzie recalled seeing no parking signs on the south side of Rodeo Drive. He was partially right. This sign was on the north side of the road adjacent to the Barrhead Agricultural Society's rodeo grounds.

BARRHEAD-Baseball and softball players and their fans might have to walk a bit further when it comes to participating or viewing their favourite pastime.

On Sept. 14, the Town of Barrhead councillors instructed to administration to research whether or not there were no parking zones along Rodeo Drive, especially in the area immediately surrounding the Barrhead Sportsgrounds. As part of that research, council also asked administration to find out the width of the roadway.

Coun. Dausen Kluin initiated the discussion, saying he has received inquiries from residents in the area complaining about the number of vehicles parking on the road and the connecting alleys for late at night and on weekends.

He also added that he has also received several complaints about loud vehicles "ripping out of town late at night."

"Does our bylaw officer work in the evenings or on the occasional weekend to enforce these types of bylaws?" Kluin asked.

Chief administrative officer Edward LeBlanc said no, adding he has received similar complaints regarding loud vehicles.

However, he said although the town's bylaw does include a provision about unduly vehicle noise, it is more of an RCMP issue.

Under the town's Noise Bylaw it states that "No person shall operate a vehicle on a highway in a residential area between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. in a manner that unduly disturbs the residents of the

residential area."

"I have spoken to [Barrhead RCMP Sgt. Bob Dodds] and he indicated that if residents hear this noise, they should contact the detachment and if a member is available, they will investigate," LeBlanc said.

As for the parking issue, LeBlanc said he was an issue.

Coun. Don Smith said while he was willing to discuss whether or not the area adjacent to the sportsgrounds on Rodeo Drive should be a no-parking zone, he did not believe it was currently illegal.

"There are no signs stating people can't park there," he said. "If you want to take away that parking, it is a discussion council needs to have because they have been parking there almost since time began."

He added if council decided to make all or part of the street in that area a no parking zone, they would need to find an alternative for drivers.

Coun. Rod Klumph agreed, noting that they "just couldn't close the door."

Mayor Dave McKenzie said he believed at one time there were no parking signs, stating parking was prohibited on Rodeo Drive in the immediate vicinity near the sportsgrounds.

According to the Traffic Bylaw's appendix, there are no parking restrictions on Rodeo Drive.

"But it made no difference, it made no difference," he said.

As for the noise complaints, McKenzie said he said there is not a lot the town or the RCMP can do.

"There are about three vehicles in town that are the problem," he said, adding the RCMP have identified their owners. "From my understanding, one of those drivers has received 14 violation tickets and he is bragging about it on his Facebook. That is the type of mentality we are dealing with."

Kluin moved the conversation back to the parking issue, suggesting that if even if parking were restricted to one side of the street, it would be an improvement.

He added that during an event when vehicles are parked on both sides of the street, the roadway becomes a virtual one-way.

"If two vehicles are driving from opposite directions and there is only room for one vehicle, it could be a safety concern," Kluin said.

Barry Kerton,


Barry Kerton

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