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Resident reports attempted credit card scam

Biweekly RCMP crime stats inching back to pre-COVID levels
Athabasca RCMP had 156 calls for service in the first two weeks of June. File

ATHABASCA – Athabasca RCMP are warning residents about a recent attempt at a credit card scam that could be quite costly.

Corp. Dan Fenton provided an update on the recent work the RCMP has undertaken in town. Between June 3-17, the Athabasca RCMP Detachment had 154 calls for service and laid 14 charges; five traffic and nine criminal. Pre-pandemic numbers averaged 165 over two weeks, he said, adding that one of the complaints was made by a local person who reported they were told to buy Google Play cards to secure a credit card. 

“(A member of) the public attended the detachment to report that they had purchased roughly $10,000 worth of Google Play cards for someone over the phone that they claimed were required in order to secure their credit card,” Fenton said.  

“We need the public to be aware if it's a little weird or seems too good to be true, it likely is. And their best opportunity is to put them on hold and call us or just simply decline.” 

Fenton added that the person who made the complaint did ask if it was a scam before actually spending the money. 

Fenton also reported that the man responsible for breaking a window and causing a disturbance at the IDA Drug Mart June 9 will likely not see charges. 

“The investigation is still ongoing. They are looking into if they can get him some help. He’s had a tough time of it and I guess the drugs aren’t helping,” Fenton said. “The resources for helping people like that just aren’t in place in this neck of the woods.” 

The report continued with a total of five assaults, two of which were on police officers. 

“One individual pulled a knife on members in Calling Lake and he was subsequently taken down with a taser,” Fenton said. 

The 40-year-old man from Calling Lake was charged with assault on a peace officer, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose, obstruction, uttering threats and mischief under $500. 

A 30-year-old woman was also charged in a separate incident. 

When officers were arresting conducting an arrest on a man for outstanding warrants, Houle jumped in and starting hitting the officers. 

The man received an additional charge of obstruction and the woman was charged with assault on a peace officer. 

Fenton also noted there were two domestic calls and an incident at Home Hardware in the reporting time period, but charges have been laid for one domestic. 

A 30-year-old woman was charged with assault and with a subsequent breach of her release conditions. 

The final stats provided showed 80 completed or solved calls; 18 with insufficient evidence and eight were cleared by departmental discretion.

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