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Broken promises


I see Jason Kenney has just announced his latest broken promise.

During the election campaign he publicly declared that he would make sure our health care system remained intact, but just weeks after announcing drastic public service cuts to 5,900 jobs, the bulk of them in health care, the UCP plans to encourage the opening of more private medical facilities.

We can look for help at a desperately understaffed public clinic, like the emergency room at a hospital, and get treatment for free, but because of the cutbacks, we can expect to wait for hours, or maybe even days, before we can see a doctor.

Or we can fork out lots of money to see somebody at a private facility. Imagine if every walk-in clinic or doctor’s office in the province charged a fee.

That would mean that people on a low or fixed income would lose access to decent medical care, while people with a lot of money could jump the line for health care services.

Every person who dies because the wait times were too long, or because they put off treatment because they couldn’t afford it, is now Jason Kenney’s responsibility.

Congratulations, Alberta! You’re losing your public health care system.


Peter McClure