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COLUMN: Death by a thousand cuts

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WESTLOCK - Another week, another set of cuts by the UCP government.

At least they’re consistent right?

First they came for the teachers, then the nurses, and now the early childhood educators, as we learned this week. Grants that the Westlock Child Care Society depends on to retain and attract qualified staff have now gone by the wayside, leaving the society, and many similar organizations across the province, in a financial pinch.

Earlier, we learned that Parent Link, another group that relies on government funding to deliver its programming for families was being overhauled, but few details on that are available.

We live in a province that heavily subsidizes one dying industry already, but then turns around and delivers a multi-billion dollar tax cut to the same industry, which then uses that tax break to move out of the province, without creating a single job, which was supposedly the intent of the tax break to begin with.

We live in a province that spends $30 million a year to fund a “war room” to defend that same industry that has plenty of money to defend themselves.

We live in a province that employs a $250,000 per year Twitter troll.

We live in a province that eliminated a made in Alberta solution for putting a price on carbon, only for it to be replaced by a federal carbon tax six months later.

We live in a province where the government’s whole raison d’etre is to perpetuate a poorly researched conspiracy theory of a foreign-funded campaign against Alberta and all she holds dear.

Was it worth it?

It’s getting harder and harder to believe that this is what people voted for last April.

I know the election results were definitive, but is this not getting ridiculous already?

Is the blind, irrational hatred of all things NDP so strong that this is what you’re willing to put up with?

Apparently it is.

Everyone was so concerned with the debt the NDP racked up by not cutting funding to everything when the boom went bust, it seems they never considered what it would be like when those services were hacked to the bone.

So I hope you relished those six months you had without a carbon tax. I hope that symbolic victory overshadows the very real circumstances now faced by everyone who doesn’t work in oil and gas.




About the Author: Chris Zwick

Athabasca Advocate editor
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