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Come together to help each other


Well, the crime continues in our community unabated in quality and quantity. We continue to get trod on by the same low lives and some new every week. It would be a good thing to be able to get more of the details of the crimes and investigations from reliable sources put in the local media to help the public get the true story rather than sketchy word of mouth reports at the coffee shops, or post office.

The good news is that our provincial government is listening, and we will have new laws to help protect us and 300 new RCMP along with 200 support staff.  

We realize that this is going to cost more to us, the people, but I have not met one person who is not willing to pay for a safer community.  

We have been operating with the same amount of, or less, RCMP that we have had for the last 30 years. The drugs involved and the amount of crime demand more police for their safety and ours. Also, the Peace Officers and Wildlife Officers will be able to give RCMP backup.  

Lac La Biche and Athabasca area are part of a new pilot project that only six regions in Alberta are taking part in due to the horrendous amount of crime in those areas. This project is to help communities come together to reduce the reasons for crime and to utilize all our assets.  

More will be coming out on this initiative as it progresses. Our local governments are very much involved with this. Having them involved is also what we needed. We think it will make a difference.  

Now it is our turn as "The People" to get involved and do our part. The head in the sand is not helping and believe us, you are being affected. Can you say you have not been a victim or know of someone who has been victimized? Did your insurance go up this year? Home and vehicle? That is, you are paying for crime that the insurance companies paid out.  

Notice that in some places home values have dropped or no one will buy a home in a certain area. This is caused by criminals.  

All of us must pitch in and do something. If you sit back and do nothing, then don't complain about anything to do with crime. There are things we can do such as Rural Crime Watch, Citizens on Patrol, Crime Stoppers and forming alliances with our neighbors.  

The thing that should be good is that we come together as decent people helping each other have a good life in a better community.   

Citizens on Patrol Athabasca president Rod Kerr on behalf of the board